Regína sacratíssimi Rosárii, ora pro nobis!

Explanations of the Gospels for the Hour of Matins

Matthew 5:20-24—Saint Augustine

Matthew 7:15-21—Saint Hilary of Poiters

Matthew 21:1-9—Saint Ambrose

Matthew_28:18-20_Saint Gregory Nazianzen



Mark 8:1-9—Saint Ambrose

Mark 16:14-20—Pope Saint Gregory the Great

Mark 16:14-20—Pope Saint Gregory the Great II

Mark 16:14-20—Pope Saint Gregory the Great III


Luke 3:21-23—Saint Ambrose I

Luke 3:21-23—Saint Ambrose II

Luke 3:21-23—Saint Augustine I

Luke 3:21-23—Saint Augustine II

Luke 3:21-23—Saint Augustine III

Luke 3:21-23—Saint Augustine IV

Luke 3:21-23—Saint John Damascene

Luke 4:38-44—Saint Ambrose

Luke 5:1-11—Saint Ambrose

Luke 5:17-26—Saint Ambrose

Luke 6:36-42—Saint Augustine

Luke 7:36-50—Saint Gregory the Great

Luke 9:1-6—Saint Ambrose

Luke_14:16-24—Saint Gregory_the_Great_XXXVI

Luke 11:5-13—Saint Ambrose

Luke 15:1-5—Saint Gregory the Great

Luke 16:1-9—Saint Jerome



John 3:16-21—Saint Ausustine

John 6:44-52—Saint Augustine

John_6:56-59—Saint Augustine_Tract_XXVI

John_6:56-59—Saint Augustine_Tract XXVI_middle

John_6:56-59—Saint Augustine_Tract_27

John_6:56-59_Augustine_Tract 27B

John_6:56-59—Saint Hilary of Poitiers

John_6:56-59—Saint Cyril of Alexandria

John 7:1-13—Saint Augustine

John 7:32-39—Saint Augustine

John 8:46-59—Saint Gregory the Great

John 10:1-10—Saint Augustine

John 10:22-38—Saint Augustine

John 11:47-54—Saint Augustine

John 12:1-9—Saint Augustine

John 12:10-36——Saint Augustine

John_14:15-21—Saint Augustine

John_14:23-31—Saint Gregory the Great

John_15:26-27;_16:1-4—Saint Augustine

John 16:23-30Saint Augustine

John 17:1-11—Saint Augustine

John 19:25-27—Saint Augustine

John_19:31-37—Saint Bonaventure

John_19:31-37—Saint John Chrysostom


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