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Occurring Scripture for the Hour of Matins

Our Lady of the Rosary

Third Week of October

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Lesson i
A reading from the First Book of Machabees
I Machabees 9:1-6

In the mean time when Demetrius heard that Nicanor and his army were fallen in battle, he sent again Bacchides and Alcimus into Judea; and the right wing of his army with them.  And they took the road that leads to Galgal, and they camped in Masaloth, which is in Arabella: and they made themselves masters of it, and slew many people.  In the first month of the hundred and fifty-second year they brought the army to Jerusalem:  And they arose, and went to Berea with twenty thousand men, and two thousand horsemen.  Now Judas had pitched his tents in Laisa, and had three thousand chosen men with him:  And they saw the multitude of the armythat they were many, and they were seized with great fear: and many withdrew themselves out of the camp, and there remained of them no more than eight hundred men.

Lesson ii
I Machabees 9:7-11

    And Judas saw that his army slipped away, and the battle pressed upon him, and his heart was cast down: because he had not time to gather them together, and he was discouraged.  Then he said to them that remained: "Let us arise, and go against our enemies, if we may be able to fight against them." But they dissuaded him, saying: We shall not be able, but let us save our lives now, and return to our brethren, and then we will fight against them: for we are but few." Then Judas said: "God forbid we should do this thing, and flee away from them: but if our time be come, let us die manfully for our brethren, and let us not stain our glory." And the army moved out of the camp, and they stood over against them: and the horsemen were divided into two troops, and the slingers, and the archers went before the army, and they that were in the front were all men of valor.

Lesson iii
I Machabees 9:12-20

    And Bacchides was in the right wing, and the legion drew near on two sides, and they sounded the trumpets:  And they also were on Judas' side, even they also cried out, and the earth shook at the noise of the armies: and the battle was fought from morning until the evening.  And Judas perceived that the stronger part of Bacchides' army  was on the right side, and all the stout of heart came together with him:  And the right wing was defeated by them, and he pursued them even to the mount Azotus.  And they that were in the left wing saw that the right wing was defeated, and they followed after Judas, and them that were with him, at their back:  And the battle was hard fought, and there fell many wounded of the one side and of the other.  And Judas was slain, and the rest fled away.  And Jonathan and Simon took Judas their brother, and buried him in the sepulcher of their fathers in the city of Modin.  And all the people of Israel bewailed him with great lamentation, and they mourned for him many days.

Lesson iv
Ambrose, Bishop, "On the duties of the Clergy,"
Book 1, Chapter 41

    But as fortitude is proved not only by prosperity but also in adversity, let us now consider the death of Judas Maccabæus. For he, after Nicanor, the general of King Demetrius, was defeated, boldly engaged 20,000 of the king's army with 900 men who were anxious to retire for fear of being overcome by so great a multitude, but whom he persuaded to endure a glorious death rather than to retire in disgraceful flight. Let us not leave, he says, any stain upon our glory. Thus, then, engaging in battle after having fought from sunrise till evening, he attacks and quickly drives back the right wing, where he sees the strongest troop of the enemy to be (I Machabees 9:13). But while pursuing the fugitives from the rear he gave a chance for a wound to be inflicted.  Thus he found the spot of death more full of glory for himself than any triumph.

Lesson v

Why need I further mention his brother Jonathan, who fought against the king's force, with but a small troop (I Machabees 11:68).  Though forsaken by his men, and left with only two, he retrieved the battle, drove back the enemy, and recalled his own men, who were flying in every direction, to share in his triumph. Here, then, is fortitude in war, which glorifies that which is virtuous and seemly, for it prefers death to slavery and disgrace. But what am I to say of the sufferings of the martyrs? Not to go too far abroad, did not the children of Maccabæus gain triumphs over the proud King Antiochus, as great as those of their fathers? The latter in truth were armed, but they conquered without arms.



Lesson i
A reading from the First Book of Machabees
I Machabees 9:28-32

    And all the friends of Judas came together, and said to Jonathan:  "Since your brother Judas died, there is not a man like him to go forth against our enemies, Bacchides, and them that are the enemies of our nation.  Now therefore we have chosen you this day to be our prince, and captain in his stead to fight our battles." So Jonathan took upon him the government at that time, and rose up in the place of Judas his brother.  And Bacchides had knowledge of it, and sought to kill him.


Lesson ii
I Machabees 9:33-36

    And Jonathan and Simon his brother, knew it, and all that were with them: and they fled into the desert of Thecua, and they pitched by the water of the lake of Asphar.  And Bacchides understood it, and he came himself with all his army over the Jordan on the Sabbath day.  And Jonathan sent his brother, a captain of the people, to request of the Nabutheans his friends, that they would lend them their copious equipment.  And the children of Jambri came forth out of Madaba, and took John, and all that he had, and went away with them.

Lesson iii
I Machabees 9:37-40

    After this it was told Jonathan, and Simon his brother, that the children of Jambri made a great marriage, and were bringing the bride out of Madaba, the daughter of one of the great princes of Chanaan, with great pomp.  And they remembered the blood of their brother John: and they went up, and hid themselves under the covert of the mountain.  And they lifted up their eyes, and saw: and behold a commotion, and great preparation: and the bridegroom came forth, and his friends, and his brethren to meet them with timbrels, and musical instruments, and many weapons.  And they rose up against them from the place where they lay in ambush, and slew them, and there fell many wounded, and the rest fled into the mountains, and they took all their spoils:


Lesson i
A reading from the First Book of Machabees
I Machabees 12:1-4

    And Jonathan saw that the time served him, and he chose certain men and sent them to Rome, to confirm and to renew the amity with them:  And he sent letters to the Spartans, and to other places according to the same form.  And they went to Rome, and entered into the senate house, and said: "Jonathan the high priest, and the nation of the Jews have sent us to renew the amity, and alliance as it was before."  And they gave them letters to their governors in every place, to conduct them into the land of Juda with peace.

Lesson ii
I Machabees 12:5-8

    And this is a copy of the letters which Jonathan wrote to the Spartans: "Jonathan the high priest, and the ancients of the nation, and the priests, and the rest of the people of the Jews, to the Spartans, their brethren, greeting.  There were letters sent long ago to Onias the high priest from Arius who reigned then among you, to signify that you are our brethren, as the copy here underwritten doth specify.  And Onias received the ambassador with honour: and received the letters wherein there was mention made of the alliance, and amity."

Lesson iii
I Machabees 12:9-11

    "We, though we needed none of these things, having for our comfort the holy books that are in our hands, chose rather to send to you to renew the brotherhood and friendship, lest we should become strangers to you altogether: for there is a long time passed since you sent to us.  We therefore at all times without ceasing, both in our festivals, and other days, wherein it is convenient, remember you in the sacrifices that we offer, and in our observances, as it is meet, and becoming to remember brethren."


Lesson i
A reading from the First Book of Machabees
I Machabees 12:39-43

    Now when Tryphon had conceived a design to make himself king of Asia, and to take the crown, and to stretch out his hand against king Antiochus:  Fearing lest Jonathan would not allow him, but would fight against him: he sought to seize upon him, and to kill him. So he rose up and came to Bethsan.  And Jonathan went out to meet him with forty thousand men chosen for battle, and came to Bethsan.  Now when Tryphon saw that Jonathan came with a great army, he dared not stretch forth his hand against him,  but received him with honour, and commended him to all his friends, and gave him presents: and he commanded his troops to obey him, as himself.

Lesson ii
I Machabees 12:44-47

    And he said to Jonathan: "Why have you troubled all the people, even though we have no war?  Send them back to their own houses: and choose  few men that may be with you, and come with me to Ptolemais, and I will deliver it to you, and the rest of the strong holds, and the army, and all that have any charge, and I will return and go away: for this is the cause of my coming." And Jonathan believed him, and did as he said: and sent away his army, and they departed into the land of Juda:  But he kept with him three thousand men: of whom he sent two thousand into Galilee, and one thousand went with him.

Lesson iii
I Machabees 12:48-52

    Now as soon as Jonathan entered into Ptolemais, they shut the gates of the city, and took him: and all them that came in with him they slew with the sword.  Then Tryphon sent an army and horsemen into Galilee, and into the great plain to destroy all Jonathan's company.  But they, when they understood that Jonathan and all that were with him were taken and slain, encouraged one another, and went out ready for battle.  Then they that had come after them, seeing that they stood for their lives, returned back.  Returning, they all came peaceably into the land of Juda. And they bewailed Jonathan, and them that had been with him, exceedingly: and Israel mourned with great lamentation.


Lesson i
A reading from the First Book of Machabees
I Machabees 13:1-6

    Now Simon heard that Tryphon was gathering together a very great army, to invade the land of Juda, and to destroy it.  And seeing that the people were in dread, and in fear, he went up to Jerusalem, and assembled the people:  And exhorted them, saying: "You know what great battles I and my brethren, and the house of my father, have fought for the laws, and the sanctuary, and the distresses that we have seen:  By reason whereof all my brethren have lost their lives for Israel's sake, and I am left alone.  And now far be it from me to spare my life in any time of trouble: for I am not better than my brethren.  I will avenge then my nation and the sanctuary, and our children, and wives: for all the heathens are gathered together to destroy us out of mere malice."

Lesson ii
I Machabees 13:7-13

    And the spirit of the people was enkindled as soon as they heard these words. [8] And they answered with a loud voice, saying: You are our leader in the place of Judas, and Jonathan your brother.  Fight you our battles, and we will do whatsoever you shall say to us.  So gathering together all the men of war, he made haste to finish all the walls of Jerusalem, and he fortified it round about.  And he sent Jonathan the son of Absalom, and with him a new army into Joppe, and he cast out them that were in it, and himself remained there.  And Tryphon moved from Ptolemais with a great army, to invade the land of Juda, and Jonathan was with him in custody.  But Simon pitched in Addus, over against the plain.

Lesson iii
I Machabees 13:14-19

    And when Tryphon understood that Simon was risen up in the place of his brother Jonathan, and that he meant to join battle with him, he sent messengers to him,  Saying: "We have detained thy brother Jonathan for the money that he owed in the king's account, by reason of the affairs which he had the management of.  But now send a hundred talents of silver, and his two sons for hostages, that when he is set at liberty he may not revolt from us, and we will release him." Now Simon knew that he spoke deceitfully to him, nevertheless he ordered the money, and the children to be sent: lest he should bring upon himself a great hatred of the people of Israel, who might have said:  "Because he sent not the money, and the children, therefore he is lost."  So they sent the children, and the hundred talents: and Tryphon lied, and did not let Jonathan go.


Lesson i
A reading from the First Book of Machabees
I Machabees 14:16-19

    And it was heard at Rome, and as far as Sparta, that Jonathan was dead: and they were very sorry.  But when they heard that Simon his brother was made high priest in his place, and was possessed of all the country, and the cities therein:  They wrote to him in tables of brass, to renew the friendship and alliance which they had made with Judas, and with Jonathan his brethren.  And they were read before the assembly in Jerusalem. And this is the copy of the letters that the Spartans sent.

Lesson ii
I Machabees 14:20-23

    "The princes and the cities of the Spartans to Simon the high priest, and to the ancients, and the priests, and the rest of the people of the Jews their brethren, greeting.

    'The ambassadors that were sent to our people, have told us of your glory, and honor, and joy: and we rejoice at their coming.  And we registered what was said by them in the councils of the people in this manner: Numenius the son of Antiochus, and Antipater the son of Jason, ambassadors of the Jews, came to us to renew the former friendship with us.  And it pleased the people to receive the men honorably, and to put a copy of their words in the public records, to be a memorial to the people of the Spartans. And we have written a copy of them to Simon the high priest.


Lesson iii
I Machabees 14:24-26

    And after this Simon sent Numenius to Rome, with a great shield of gold the weight of a thousand pounds, to confirm the league with them. And when the people of Rome had heard these words, they said: "What thanks shall we give to Simon, and his sons? For he has restored his brethren, and has driven away in fight the enemies of Israel from them: and they decreed him liberty, and registered it in tables of brass, and set it upon pillars in mount Sion.


Lesson i
A reading from the First Book of Machabees
I Machabees 16:14-17

    Now Simon, as he was going through the cities that were in the country of Judea, and taking care for the good ordering of them, went down to Jericho, he and Mathathias and Judas his sons, in the year one hundred and seventy-seven, the eleventh month: the same is the month Sabath.  And the son of Abobus received them deceitfully into a little fortress, that is called Doch which he had built: and he made them a great feast, and hid men there.  And when Simon and his sons had drunk plentifully, Ptolemee and his men rose up and took their weapons, and entered into the banqueting place, and slew him, and his two sons, and some of his servants.  And he committed a great treachery in Israel, and rendered evil for good.

Lesson ii
I Machabees 16:18-20

    And Ptolemee wrote these things and sent to the king that he should send him an army to aid him, and he would deliver him the country, and their cities, and tributes. [19] And he sent others to Gazara to kill John: and to the tribunes he sent letters to come to him, and that he would give them silver, and gold, and gifts.  And he sent others to take Jerusalem, and the mountain of the temple.

Lesson iii
I Machabees 16:21-24

    Now one running before, told John in Gazara, that his father and his brethren were slain, and that he hath sent men to kill thee also.  But when he heard it he was exceedingly afraid: and he apprehended the men that came to kill him, and he put them to death: for he knew that they sought to take him away.  And as concerning the rest of the acts of John, and his wars, and the worthy deeds, which he bravely achieved, and the building of the walls, which he made, and the things that he did:  Behold these are written in the book of the days of his priesthood, from the time he was made high priest after his father.


If the third lesson is to be taken from the Saturday Office of the Blessed Virgin or from a simplex feast of a Saint, Lessons ii and  iii above are concatenated.



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