Regína sacratíssimi Rosárii, ora pro nobis!

Ave Maria!


George Washington's Seventeen Rules of Life
1) Act at all times as in the presence of God, and make it the great object in all things to please Him. In order to do this,
2) Seek first of all to gain clear views of His will and with regard to all things to be perfectly conformed to it. In doing this,
3) Cherish no thoughts, indulge no feeling, speak no words, and do no actions, but what you really think, after all the light you can gain, will most honor God, most benefit yourself and others needs, and give you the greatest joy when they come to be exhibited before the assembled universe at the judgement day.
4) Begin and end each day by a season of communion with God, and by a solemn and hearty commitment of yourself and all your interest, temporal and eternal, to His guidance, care and disposal.
5) Daily read, with deep attention and fervent prayer, a portion of the word of God, for the purpose of understanding, believing, and obeying it.
6) Never express or indulge the least degree of unkindness towards any human being, and give no needless pain to any one of the human race, or even of the animal creation.
7) Make it your object to promote the greatest happiness, on the whole, of all upon whom you may have influence, both of the present and all future generation.
8) Regard the hand of God in all the dispensations of His providence, and in whatsoever state He places you, therewith be content.
9) Envy none who are above you, and despise none who are below you: but possess and manifest the utmost goodwill towards all men.
10) Never speak to or feel towards them in a manner that you ought not to wish them, under similar circumstance, to speak to or feel with regard to you.
11) Let all statements and narrations be an exact exhibition of the real truth.
12) Act for God, for the universe, and for eternity; and in such a manner as is adapted to promote the highest good forever. In order to do this,
13) Look habitually to Jesus Christ: let your whole soul be imbued with His spirit, and manifest it in all your actions.
14) Look to the Holy Ghost as the author of all good in man; seek habitually His teaching, His illuminating and purifying influences, that He may dwell in you as His temple, and take full possession of all your powers and talents for Himself.
15) Earnestly desire that He would take of the things of Christ and more and more show them unto you; and carefully avoid everything which tends to hinder you from becoming perfectly like Him.
16) Make it as your meat and drink to do the will of God, and perseveringly have respect to all His commandments.
17) Feel and acknowledge that all the good that you ever have received, that you now receive, or ever will receive is of grace through Jesus Christ; trust in him for all which you need, both for this life and the life to come; rely on his merits, imitate his example, and in view of every blessing give him and the Father and the Holy Ghost all the glory.

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