Regína sacratíssimi Rosárii, ora pro nobis!

Exsúltet - The Paschal Proclamation

Let the angelic hosts of heaven now rejoice; let the divine mysteries rejoice; and let the trumpet of salvation sound forth the victory of so great a King. Let the earth also rejoice, made radiant by such splendor; and enlightened with the brightness of the eternal King, let it know that the darkness of the whole world is scattered. Let our mother the Church also rejoice, adorned with the brightness of so great a light; and let this temple resound with the loud acclamations of the people. Wherefore, I beseech you, most beloved brethren, who are here present in the wondrous brightness of this holy light, to invoke with me the mercy of Almighty God. That He who has vouchsafed to admit me among the Levites, without any merit of my own, would pour forth the brightness of His light to enable me to perfect the praise of this candle of wax. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, His Son, Who with Him and the Holy Ghost liveth and reigneth, one God, forever and ever, world without end.
[All:] Amen.

[Deacon or Priest:] The Lord be with you.
[All:] And with thy spirit.
[Deacon or Priest:] Lift up your hearts.
[All:] We have lifted them up to the Lord.
[Deacon or Priest:] Let us Give thanks to the Lord our God.
[All:] It is meet and just.

It is truly meet and just to proclaim with all our hearts and all the affection of our minds, and with the ministry of our voices, the invisible God, the Father Almighty, and His only-begotten Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who repaid for us to His eternal Father the debt of Adam; and, by the merciful shedding of His blood, cancelled the guilt incurred by original sin. For this is the Paschal festival, in which the true Lamb is slain, with Whose blood the doorposts of the faithful are consecrated. This is the night in which Thou didst formerly cause our forefathers, the children of Israel, when brought out of Egypt, to pass through the Red Sea with dry feet. This, therefore, is the night that dissipated the darkness of sinners by the light of the pillar. This is the night, which, at this time throughout the world, restores to grace, and unites in sanctity, those who believe in Christ, and who are separated from the vices of the world and the darkness of sinners. This is the night in which, destroying the chains of death, Christ arose victorious from the grave. For it would have profited us nothing to have been born, unless redemption had also been bestowed upon us. O wondrous condescension of Thy mercy toward us! O inestimable affection of love, that Thou mightest redeem a slave, Thou didst deliver up Thy Son. O truly needful sin of Adam, which was blotted out by the death of Christ! O happy fault, that merited to possess such and so great a Redeemer! O truly blessed night, which alone deserved to know the time and hour when Christ rose again from hell! This is the night, of which it is written: "And the night shall be as clear as the day; and the night is my light in my delights." There­fore the hallowing of this night puts to flight all wickedness, cleanses sins, and restores innocence to the fallen and gladness to the sorrowful. It drives forth hatred, it produces concord, and it curbs haughtiness.

The deacon fixes the five grains of incense, enclosed in the "nails," 
into the Paschal candle, in the form of a cross.

Wherefore, in this sacred night, receive, O holy Father, the evening sacrifice of this incense, which holy Church renders unto Thee by the hands of Thy ministers in the solemn offering of this candle of wax, made out of the work of bees. Now, also, we know the praise of this pillar, which the shining fire enkindles to the honor of God.

If a triple candle was used,
the Paschal candle is now lighted.

Which fire, although divided into parts, suffers no loss from its light being borrowed. For it is nourished by the melting wax, which the mother bee produced for the substance of this precious light.

The altar candles, and other lights in the church are now lighted.

O truly blessed night, which plundered the Egyptians and enriched the Hebrews! A night in which heavenly things are united to those of earth, and things divine to those of man. We beseech Thee, therefore, O Lord, that this candle of wax, hallowed in honor of Thy name, may continue to burn to dissipate the darkness of this night. And being accepted as a sweet savor, may it be united with the heavenly lights. Let the morning star find its flame alight. That star, I mean, which knows no setting: He Who, returning from hell, serenely shone forth upon mankind. We beseech Thee, therefore, O Lord, that Thou wouldst grant peaceful times during this Paschal Festival; and vouchsafe to rule, govern, and keep with Thy constant protection, us Thy servants, and all the clergy, and the devout people, together with our most Holy Father, Pope Benedict, and our Bishop John. Through the same Jesus Christ Thy Son, our Lord, Who with Thee and the Holy Ghost liveth and reigneth, God, forever and ever, world without end.
[All:] Amen.


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