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Holy Art

A guest article by Katie Johnson

How Owning Holy Art Can Help You Stay in Touch With Your Faith

The stresses of life can often cause people to feel estranged from their faith to one extent or another. It can help to have small reminders of your deeply held beliefs when times become tough, or when it seems like your faith is the one thing that can help you get by.

It also helps to have a reminder just to have one. Reaffirmation of belief doesn’t need a negative catalyst. Instead, you can make a part of your everyday life with a piece or two of Holyart.

Here’s how holy art can help you to stay in touch with your faith.

Focus for Meditation or Prayer

Meditation and prayer doesn’t particularly require any type of object to focus on, but having a focus can help your efforts a great deal. Having a physical item can help you to focus on your rumination or introspection without outside distractions.

This can all help to keep your mind from wandering. If your mind does wander, you can use your holy art to plant you firmly back into the mental space you want to be in.

Reminder of Particular Scriptures, Passages, or Lessons

Sometimes, it’s good to have a visual reminder of a lesson you learned from scripture or other holy text. For example, a picture of a particular saint can remind you of that saint’s ideals and what he or she stood for. This can give you a constant reminder of your own ideals and things you hold as important in your life.

A small statue, framed picture, or ornament can serve as a permanent physical representation of words or ideas that you hold dear. These things can become something that you look on when stressed or just in need of a reminder.

A Call to Explore Creativity and Artistic Pursuits

Holy art can serve to inspire you. Just having a piece of tasteful art representing your faith can help you to pursue your own faith-based creativity. This can help you to remain focused on creation while remaining grounded in your faith.

A Means of Viewing Your Faith in a Different Light

Holy art comes from artists and craftspeople from around the world. Seeing other interpretations of your faith can help you to connect to it even further.

This can happen because you see that others believe as you do, and chose to encapsulate that belief in a physical form. Not only can their particular piece of art speak to you on a spiritual level, it can bring you closer to your faith in a new and different way.

 Holy Art for Special Occasions Can Reenergise Your Faith

When a special occasion, holiday - or any religious observance - comes around, you can add some holy art to celebrate or observe it. The combination of the date and the art can serve as a very strong reminder of just how important your faith is to you.

It can also serve to bring faith back into larger holidays that you may feel are losing their more religious heritage. Of course, you may just want holy art for its own sake. You don’t need any particular reason to celebrate your faith with a sacred art or religious items.

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