While this might seem like "egg-on-the-face" it still prompts the question:  "Why should anyone do time in jail for their historical opinions -- no matter how right or wrong they might be?"  This is clearly the behavior of a totalitarian regime.  The regime in question has stopped putting adults to death with the claim that they are something less than human, but continues to put babies to death with the same rationale.  That is despicable in itself, and it is not unreasonable to fear that any such regime will one day extend its murderous practice to any class of people with which it finds fault.

    Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were "bad apples."  They killed millions of people.  But the reality is that worldwide we are approaching a billion reported abortions, most of them within quite a bit less than a hundred years.

    Shame on all of us!


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Tuesday June 26, 2007
******** ARTICLE RETRACTED *****German Pastor Sentenced to a Year in Jail for Comparing Abortion to the Nazi Holocaust

Please note that recently received information confirms portions of this report in error.  While Pastor Lerle was previously convicted and jailed for anti-abortion activities his current imprisonment stems only from charges related to holocaust denial. 


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