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Father Basilio Méramo is a priest of the Society of Saint Pius X.  He takes what we feel is a more realistic position than many of his confreres who are enthusiastic about Novus Ordo clergy celebrating the Mass.


Motu Proprio : what to think about ? 
by Father Meramo, August 4th, 2007

    The state of wait-and-see policy and of optimism which prevails and surrounds this document is absolutely unbelievable. This is like a mark or a sign of general looseness among the circle of the traditionalist faithful who seem to have forgotten their spiritual and doctrinal strengths they formerly displayed, strengths with which they had then rooted the catholic principles. It is like a kind of spiritual anaemia or a kind of deterioration of their neurones, which seems prevent them to see clearly the things. The new modernist Rome has always wanted, and still wants, neutralize the accusatory finger accusing it for its betrayal and for its apostasy, and this modernist Rome tries to dilute, for want of being unable to destroy, all traditional resistance fighting against its errors.

    It is a fact that the SSPX is the unique clerical worldwide organisation opposing to the new Rome’s modernism, to which one has to add all the others catholic groups opposing to modernism, even if many among these groups are internationally more limited. Therefore it becomes obvious that the first aim focuses to destroy, to annihilate, or to absorb, or if impossible, to at least neutralize this resistance by all available means, and so it appears that the best and safest way to reach this aim is to implement a progressive, slow, but deep disaggregating, dilution of this strength by the way of a large and wide dialectical action, so as to permit to implement the “solve et coagula” (dissolve and amalgamate) which characterizes the antichrist Revolution which is ruling at the very bosom of the Church.

    One of these methods used to achieve the victory upon the traditionalist resistance is accordingly to corrupt and so to dilute the very catholic concepts or the very clear and precise catholic notions from which this resistance proceeds.

    The way used to this aim will be to set a change on the mentality of the faithful who are strong rooted into the Tradition, so as to achieve finally the aim so long wished by the enemies infiltrated into the Church, who are now ruling it, destroying the immemorial catholic Faith, and so creating a new post-conciliar Church which fits to the plans of the Synarchy, that is universal globalization.

    The Benedict’s Motu aims (by a well designed act of audacity) at enveloping, diluting then absorbing the strongest stronghold of the resistance against modernism, stronghold which keeps holding by the fight for the catholic Faith; stronghold which is ever more shrinking under the nefarious effects of the Vatican’s second Council.

    One tries to hide the direct rejection of the new Mass by acknowledging that the Tridentine Mass (the immemorial Mass or the Saint Pius V’s Mass) never was forbidden, but underlying by the same way that the new Mass keeps being the ordinary (usual or general) form of the Mass, the Tridentine Mass being only the extraordinary (special or peculiar) form or expression of one and unique same rite of the Mass. All this stuff cannot be accepted because of a fundamental and obvious error of doctrine : Archbishop Lefebvre indeed made very clear that the new Mass was a mongreled rite, bad, un-catholic, leading to heresy, that it was a non-Catholic rite, protestantized, contrary to the holy tradition of the Church, so how could one now come to say that it would be the same rite, it is pure non-sense, as also it is non-sense to believe or to assert that with the Motu the Tridentine Mass would have recovered its rights to the point to exult and to let sing a Te Deum, and to consider this achievement as a posthumous triumph of Archbishop Lefebvre : the right to the immemorial Mass cannot indeed, in the best case, be considered in juridical equivalency with the new Mass, both as ordinary form of the Mass, what would be by itself an insult to the exclusiveness of the tridentine Mass face to new protestantized or protestant Mass, according to the way one has to analyse and qualify it, because if we have to consider its definition, as it is displayed in the article n°7 of the Institutio Generalis, we find the definition of the protestant Lord’s Supper in all its very expression. Now, there is even none equality (that would be by itself a surrender, and even worst than a surrender) of rights between unequal rights, the new Mass being what is called in the Motu the common or ordinary way of the Mass, and the Tridentine Mass being called what belongs to the peculiar or to the extraordinary way of the Mass.

    That is equivalent to assert that the concubine would be the usual wife (for every days) and the legitimate wife would be the special wife, the one for special days. It implies that the legitimate wife is not even in equal terms the legal head wife in front of the concubine.

    In addition, it shows that this is actually no more than a hidden universal indult, masked in a special specific right. With all this stuff, every thing is managed, by receiving this grant, as to pay the price of acknowledging to the concubine, and to accept, though the one being the ordinary wife and the other being the special one, that they nevertheless both be the maiden of the same and unique Lord. What a major swindle is the devil clothed in Light angel ?

    Besides, under the appearances of the good, we are granted with the illusion of a mirage, such as for example, the fact to sow the division into the camp of the modernists, or the hope that the modernist priests are going to use the Tridentine Mass. As for the first point, it is the same Benedict who will be in charge to eliminate it, stating himself that for using the Tridentine Mass, liturgical culture and minimal knowledge of Latin are required, that do not know the major part of the priests, being left so that the new Mass, in the facts (real situation) as in the right (juridical norm), keeps being the ordinary standard.

    The so called advantage of saying that the modernist priests will get the allowance (freedom) to say the Tridentine Mass is indeed another illusion, which comes from a mirage’s effect providing from having lived during almost forty years in the desert of the abomination of the desolation issued from the liturgical Revolution. To what would it be useful for us, and for what benefice to the priests saying the true Mass, if their doctrines keep being still modernist? For, their philosophical and theological education is utterly modernist, and that is very difficult and almost impossible to be overcome and wiped out.

    What could simple occur could be furthering the confusion such as the white sepulchres, outside white but inside rotted, white or masked while saying the Tridentine Mass, but inside rotted by their actual mentality and modernist formation, and this with the aggravating circumstances of by no way having the warranty of the infallible certainty of the validity of their ordinations to the priesthood conferred by the new ordinal. There is indeed no theologian actually able to prove the infallible certainty of the validity of the episcopal or presbyteral ordinations conferred by the new ordinal. There is left, at least, a positive doubt about their sacramental validity, and even more we could get evidences of their invalidity from theological sacramental heavy motives that we are not allowed to avoid to take seriously into consideration.

    Anyway, without really entering into this serious question, it is sufficient to state that the presbyteral ordinations conferred with the new ordinal are destitute from the seal of the infallible warranty which specifically excludes any doubt upon its validity.

    I hope that these thinking will be useful so that we get strengthened into the Truth and into its own exclusive rights without dialectical amalgams between the good and the bad, between the Truth and the Lie, between God and the Devil, between Christ and Antichrist, between the Christ’s Church and the New Church, the Satan’s or Antichrist’s Synagogue.

    We still are living in a time to shed our tears saying one Miserere and asking that God would have pity on us and deliver us from our miseries, without giving up in front of an illusion or face to the mirage of no-funded optimism, which by no way is in appropriateness with the ultimate and irreversible crisis that we are living now.

    May the Holy Virgin Mary protect us, and may we, with her strength face to Cross, keep being strongly rooted into the Faith and into the Love of her Divine Son.

Father Basilio Méramo Pbro. (SSPX)
Prior of Vera Cruz (Mexico)
August 4th, 2007

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