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Paranoia in Missouri?
Or, perhaps, a recognition of guilt?

27 March AD 2009
Friday-Fourth Week in Lent
Precious Blood of
Our Lord Jesus Christ

Missouri State Government Report: "The Modern Militia Movement"
Campaign for Liberty
Chuck Baldwin Live
MIAC website
Jay Nixon's War on Terror

    Even as the federal government plans to increase the killing of the unborn at taxpayer expense and by coercing principled physicians to murder in our name....    Even as the federal government continues to plunder the economy, increase taxes, and destroy the wealth of everyone who has dollars in his wallet, in a bank or retirement account, or under his mattress....    Even as it continues to wage undeclared wars against those who have done us no harm.  With great expense if blood, honor, and wealth.  With increasingly great threat of retribution....    Even as politicians demonstrate that their oaths of office were acts of perjury, as they daily vote to violate the Constitution they swore to uphold.

    Even as all these things continue to happen, something called the Missouri Information Analysis Center, (MIAC), self described as a "Federal, State & Local Public/Private Partnership improving community safety, reducing crime & threats through improved communications within Missouri & neighboring states" has deigned to issue what amounts to a profiling tool for finding terrorists.

    Now, profiling and even the word "profile" are "politically incorrect" [LINK].  If, by way of example, a man appearing to be of Persian decent, wearing combat fatigues, carrying a copy of Jihad for Dummies, and looking around nervously, tries to board an airplane, it would be wrong to assume that he was anything other than Joe Average Citizen.  He can be detained only if an appropriate number of grandmothers are strip-searched, together with nursing mothers being made to drink their bottled breast milk.  But it is altogether different in "politically incorrect" America if the target of the profiling is someone who appears to be a law abiding citizen who demands the rule of law and morality from his government. The MIAC screed commits the logical fallacy that if some A are B, then all A must be B--if some skinny men are liars, then all skinny men are liars.  The unfortunate reality is that some (hopefully small) number of terrorists may be found in virtually any large group of people.  The MIAC profile paints just about anyone who disagrees with current government policy as a potential terrorist.  There may indeed be dangerous people among those who seek the return of law--but, equally, there are dangerous people among those who are against it. "Some will rob you with a six-gun, and some with a fountain pen." [LINK]  It is tempting to think of the terrorist who wears a three piece suit and arrives in a government limousine, or one who wears an official uniform and drives a B-52 as being somehow different from the terrorist who arrives on foot with a home made bomb--but the operative word is terrorist--they are all dangerous people.

    Understand please, that this is absolutely not an issue of Democrat versus Republican.  Rather, it is about those in power versus those whom they have subjugated. It is about government caprice versus the rule of law [LINK]It is, in essence, about Evil versus Good.  The forces of cultural Marxism are trying to make decent people feel "politically incorrect" and threatened by those who are sworn "to protect and serve." The MIAC profile is not the first such nonsense to come along.  Catholics should all be aware of the anti-Catholic bias that flavors media reporting.  A recent article by Matthew Balan, "AP, AFP, Reuters: French Supporters of Pope 'Far-Right' or 'Right-Wing'" [LINK] is worth noting.  Of course traditional Catholics are reviled yet more--if you can ignore the vulgar language and factual inaccuracies, see Heidi Beirich, "The New Crusaders The radical traditionalist Catholics, who reject the teachings of the modern papacy, may form America's largest group of anti-Semites," [LINK] hosted by the Southern Policy Law Center. You can view SPLC's "Dirty Dozen Report [LINK] to find out just who the worst "haters" among us are.

    No less a figure than Judge Robert Bork "predicts ‘terrible conflict’ will endanger U.S. Catholics’ religious freedom" [LINK].  The forces of evil are massing to persecute those who honor the moral law.  One of the ways of doing that is to persecute those who honor the rule of Constitutional law in these United States--so let us come back to the MIAC profile and examine a few bits of their twisted thinking (in sans-serif bloc-quotes):

Militia members most commonly associate with 3rd party political groups.  It is not uncommon for militia members to display Constitutional [sic] Party, Campaign for Liberty, or Libertarian material.  These members are usually supporters of former Presidential Candidate: [sic] Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr." [LINK]

    The three organizations and three men mentioned above are not inciters to violence.  Paul is an obstetrician and member of the US House, Baldwin a Baptism minister, Barr a former member of the house.  The Constitution Party and the Campaign for Liberty both call for a return to moral principles, constitutional government, and sound money.  The Libertarians require members of the Party to certify "in writing that they oppose the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals." [LINK]

    Whether one favors government by law or by caprice, it ought to be clear to anyone who owns a television set that the two major parties have done a deplorable job of governing the United States.  During the previous campaign both Obama and McCain ran to Washington to commit economic mayhem. In reality, they and their associates have been committing economic mayhem for decades or centuries.  Abortion and unwed pregnancy are rampant. Americans are ignorant of their history and principles of government.  Americans are not safe in their homes--unless they make themselves safe--something becoming increasingly difficult to do.  After 9-11 we sent massive troops to Iraq but none to the Rio Grande.  The pilots are still unarmed.  The two party oligopoly wants to maintain their position--it is extremely difficult for an alternative candidate to get his name on the ballot in each State,  alone in all fifty!  It is an immoral abuse of government power to suggest, even obliquely, that the alternative candidates and parties are somehow criminal in nature.  Paul, Baldwin, and Barr deserve a profound apology, as do most of their supporters.

    Remember also that "militia" is not an evil word.  It describes the form of defense, organized and unorganized, prescribed by the Constitution for the Untied States.  Federal armies are to be funded for two years or less--there is no Constitutional provision for a standing army, for such a thing is often a weapon of governments against their people. [LINK]  Modern day militias have formed precisely where the government has failed to do its job.  

Anti- Immigration:  Some militia organizations have been formed solely for the purpose of countering illegal immigration.  Extremists will argue that immigrants are taking jobs of U.S. Citizens during times of high employment.  Additionally, illegal immigrants are seen as sucking up government resources without paying taxes.  Some militia units patrol the border in order to safeguard against drug smugglers, gangs, or violent immigrants.

    The folks in Missouri to the contrary notwithstanding, illegal immigration and lack of border security are serious problems, and government inaction has brought about the formation of organizations like The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps [LINK] with chapters [LINK] all over the place, including Missouri.  Even the government is keeping records on OTMs (Other than Mexicans) apprehended at the border [LINK] [LINK]--and they are not just migrant workers from Guatemala, Honduras and point south! One hundred and twenty thousand "Other than Mexicans" were apprehended in fiscal year 2005 [LINK]--only God knows how many crossed the border undetected!  And, just what is wrong with safeguarding "against drug smugglers, gangs, or violent immigrants," if the government doesn't do an adequate job of doing so? To be fair, some local officials do a good job, but only to take "heat" from the federal government [LINK]. Let the economy "tank" a little bit more, and we will see just who wants jobs and benefits "sucked up" by illegals.

Tax Resistors: This movement is strongly in opposition to the collection of federal income taxes.  Individuals in this movement generally believe that income taxes are invalid or the tax laws do not apply to them.

Federal Reserve Banks:  Members of the militia movement are strongly against the FRS and see it as a mechanism of the elitist New World Order.  In November End the FED protests were held nationwide in opposition to the FRS.  Many right-wing extremists oppose the FRS and propose a system that would be backed by gold.  Federal Reserve banks may also draw attention from anti bail out protestors and activists.

    The folks who are against the federal income tax and the Federal Reserve System have far more cogent arguments than or friends in Missouri are likely to let on (and, perhaps, likely to understand).  Let us assume that the Sixteenth Amendment was actually ratified, and let us ignore Congress' failure to write the tax laws.  Let us make believe that Congress isn't constitutionally required “to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and .... To provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the securities and current coin of the United States” [LINK], and that the States are allowed to make something other than gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts....” [LINK]   Though there is not, let us pretend that there is a provision for the establishment of a central bank (the Federal Reserve), another for the bank's creation of  “money” based on “faith,” and yet another to allow for the “fractional reserve banking” in which the same “faith-based money” is loaned to five or ten customers simultaneously.

    The US Treasury tells us that "By 1913, 36 States had ratified the 16th Amendment to the Constitution. In October, Congress passed a new income tax law with rates beginning at 1 percent and rising to 7 percent for taxpayers with income in excess of $500,000. Less than 1 percent of the population paid income tax at the time." [LINK]  The thing has clearly spiraled out of control!  At its inception ninety-nine percent of Americans paid nothing!  The other one percent paid a maximum of 7 percent--and that only if they earned a king's ransom by 1913 standards (before the Federal Reserve debased the dollar to current levels).   The IRS collected $2.4 Trillion in fiscal 2007 [LINK], up substantially from the less than $100 Million in 1913 [LINK] (about a 2.39 Million-percent increase).  According to the IRS, currently 50% of the taxpayers have been paying 96% or 97% of the income tax since at least 1999 [LINK].  And what is the money used for?  The problem is not just imponderable numbers or unfair liabilities.  Pick up the newspaper and try to find a federal program that does not violate the Tenth Amendment [LINK]--just go and try!  You will find money for abortion, money for sex "education" and contraception, and money for war, as well as for projects to keep those in power getting re-elected, but very little else.

    The Federal Reserve is the "other side of the coin."  No one knows exactly who owns it, and it has never been audited.  It is not an agency of the government but rather a banking cartel chartered by the government and functioning symbiotically with it. [LINK]  The FED creates "money" in return for federal debt.  The increase in the "money" supply debases our money, steals buying power from everyone holding US dollars, constitutes a hidden and unlegislated tax, and causes economic instability. Just a few days ago the FED decided to increase its purchase of treasury securities by $750 Billion to $1.25 Trillion for the year [LINK]--with current reserve requirements that represents an additional $12.5 Trillion dollars added to our already bloated money supply--the Fed has us on the road to hyperinflation as in the Weimar Republic that spawned Adolf Hitler.  Under The Mint Act of 1792, debasement of the money of the United States was (is?) punishable by death [LINK].  It is precisely the Fed's ability to create money from nothing and the irresponsibility of Congress and the Executive which has saddled our nation with a many‑Trillion Dollar debt.

    And while we are at it, the government keeps books in a way that would land any businessman in jail.  Most of our national debt is not disclosed in the official debt figures.  The debt ceiling, raised to $10.6 Trillion in July of 2008 [LINK] went up to $12.14 Trillion with the February 2009 "stimulus" package [LINK]--but the debt "off the books," for things like Social Security, Medicare, and Prescription drug programs, is several times either of those numbers, depending on how and who does the estimation--as much as $100 Trillion in the estimate of the President of the Dallas Federal Reserve [LINK].

    Yes, Virginia!  I too wonder if they will put a President of the Federal Reserve on the terrorist list!  And, if one President of the Federal Reserve appears to be a terrorist, does that mean that all of them ought to be on the list?  If I put a Federal Reserve sticker on my pickup truck will I get pulled over in Missouri?

    The MIAC screed goes on about world government and the role of Zionism in American politics.  If there is no global world order in the making, just how do the MIAC people explain things like the Law Of The Sea Treaty [LOST], the Kyoto Treaty [LINK], the Copenhagen Accord [LINK], the International Criminal Court [ICC], the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child [CRC], the World Bank [LINK], the International Monetary Fund [IMF], and all of the other globalist fiascos which the federal government has supported in one degree or another.  Why have American troops been compelled [LINK] to serve and die in the blue helmeted uniform of the United Nations [LINK] for nearly sixty years?  Why is the UN seeking a global currency [LINK]? And if it is not, why is Congress considering a ban on it [LINK]!?  Just how much money do we spend on foreign aid to the countries of the middle east [LINK] and does a disproportionate share [LINK] support Zionism?  Why the secrecy concerning the attack on the USS Liberty? [LINK] [LINK]  Consider the Charles Freeman case [LINK] and compare it to the Rahm Emanuel case [LINK].  Maybe the Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America is or is not a precursor to a North American Union--but one just has to question why all of the links at wind up on the "Briefing Room" page of the Obama White House.  The CFR boasts of a more ambitious plan than the SPP people [LINK].  Why should I disbelieve the the words of the one Congressman with a sterling track record for telling the truth?  [LINK] [LINK] [LINK How about the 52 other representatives who agree with him [LINK]?  Why are SPP meetings off limits to the public [LINK]?

    The people in Missouri owe us an apology!

in XTO,
Fr. Brusca
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