Regína sacratíssimi Rosárii, ora pro nobis!

Attention: Holy Father, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Religious, and all of Christ's Faithful

The Secret—Lost For Over Forty Years—Has Been Found!

    We have the duty of embracing the True Faith

    In order for us to do so, Jesus Christ established the Catholic Church—a unique institution which does not "subsist" anywhere else.

    The Church's divine mission is made evident and credible by

  • Her Growth

  • Her Holiness

  • Her Goodness

  • Her Unity

  • Her Stability

    So, after these forty wasted years, lets get back on the stick!

The First Vatican Council*
Session 3 : 24 April 1870
Dogmatic Constitution on the Catholic faith
Chapter 3 On faith

Source: 3 : 24 April 1870
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  • 10. So that we could fulfill our duty of embracing the true faith and of persevering unwaveringly in it, God, through his only begotten Son,
    • founded the church,
    • and he endowed his institution with clear notes to the end that she might be recognized by all as the guardian and teacher of the revealed word.
  • 11. To the catholic church alone belong all those things, so many and so marvelous, which have been divinely ordained to make for the manifest credibility of the Christian faith.
  • 12.  What is more,
    • the church herself
        by reason of
        • her astonishing propagation,
        • her outstanding holiness and
        • her inexhaustible fertility in every kind of goodness, by
        • her catholic unity and
        • her unconquerable stability,
    • is a kind of great and perpetual motive of credibility and an incontrovertible evidence of her own divine mission.

Section 3:  On Faith:

6. If anyone says that the condition of the faithful and those who have not yet attained to the only true faith is alike, so that Catholics may have a just cause for calling in doubt, by suspending their assent, the faith which they have already received from the teaching of the Church, until they have completed a scientific demonstration of the credibility and truth of their faith: let him be anathema.

* Note: Reference to the First Vatican Council does not imply the legitimacy of a later synod with a similar name.

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