Regína sacratíssimi Rosárii, ora pro nobis!


in Latin and English
according to the rite perpetually mandated by Pope Saint Pius V in his
Apostolic Constitution Quo Primum, 14 July 1570.
        The rite  promulgated by  Pope  St. Pius V,  also  known  as  the
   "Tridentine" rite,  is the only rite of Mass authorized for use within
   Old Roman Catholic Churches.  (cf. Constitution, Article XVII)
The Asperges
(Before High Mass on Sundays)
Go to Prayers at the Foot of the Altar for all other Masses  


On Sunday the celebrant, or another priest appointed by him, blesses holy water in the sacristy. The celebrant then vests in a cope of the color of the day, goes to the altar, and genuflects with his ministers on the first step. He takes the sprinkler from the Deacon, sprinkles the altar three times, then himself and the ministers standing with him. He then intones:

        [Priest]  Asperges me...          [Priest] Thou shalt purge me...
      The priest sprinkles the rest of the clergy and then the people
                              while all sing:
        [Congregation:]     Domine,       [Congregation:]   O Lord, with
   hyssopo,  et  mundabor:  lavabis    hyssop, and I will be clean: Thou
   me, et  super  nivem  dealbabor.    shalt wash  me  and  I  shall  be
   [Ps. l: 3]   Miserere mei, Deus,    whiter than  snow..    [Ps. l: 3]
   secundum  magnam   misericordiam    Have mercy  on me,  O Lord, after
   tuam.                               Thy great  goodness, according to
                                       the multitude of Thy mercies.  Do
                                       away mine offences
        Gloria Patri,  et Filio, et       Glory be  to the Father and to
   Spiritui Sancto.                    the Son and to the Holy Ghost.
        Sicut erat in principio, et       As it was in the beginning, is
   nunc, et  semper, et  in saecula    now, and  ever shall  be, * world
   saeculorum.  Amen.                  without end.  Amen.
        Asperges me...                    Thou wilt purge me...
       The antiphon is repeated in this manner on all Sundays of the
      year, except on Passion and Palm Sundays, when the Gloria Patri
     is omitted, and except for the time between Easter and Pentecost,
             inclusive, when it is replaced by the following:
                                Vidi Aquam
        [P]  Vidi aquam...                [P]  I saw water flowing...
        [C]  egredientem de templo,       [C]  from the temple, from the
   a latare  dextro,  alleluia:  et    right side,  alleluia.   And  all
   omnes,  ad  quos  pervenit  aqua    this water  came were  saved, and
   ista,  salvi   facti  sunt,   et    they    shall    say:    alleluia
   dicent,    alleluia    alleluia.    alleluia.  [Ps. cxvii: 1]  Praise
   [Ps. cxvii: 1]       Confitemini    the Lord, for He is good: for His
   Domini, quoniam  bonus:  quoniam    mercy endures forever.
   in saecula misericordia ejus.
        Gloria Patri...                   Glory be...
        Vidi aquam...                     I saw water flowing...
          On Trinity Sunday the antiphon Asperges me is resumed.
   On Easter and Pentecost, the water blessed during the vigil is used.
     The celebrant, having returned from sprinkling the people, stands
                        before the altar and says:
        [P]  Ostende nobis, Domine,       [P]   Show  us,  O  Lord,  Thy
   misericordiam   tuam.               mercy.  (TP: alleluia)
   (TP: alleluia).
        [C]   Et salutare  tuum  da       [C]     And   grant   us   Thy
   nobis.  (TP: alleluia)              salvation.  (TP: alleluia)
        [P]       Domine,    exaudi       [P]  O Lord, hear my prayer.
   orationem meam.
        [C]   Et clamor  meus ad te       [C]   And let my cry come unto
   veniat.                             Thee.
        [P]  Dominus vobiscum.            [P]  The Lord be with you.
        [C]  Et cum spiritu tuo.          [C]  And with thy spirit.
        [P]    Exaudi  nos,  Domine       [P]   Hear us,  O  holy  Lord,
   sancte,    Pater     omnipotens,    almighty God:  and  vouchsafe  to
   aeterne   Deus:    et    mittere    send Thy  holy angel  from heaven
   digneris sanctum Angelum tuum de    to   guard,   cherish,   protect,
   caelis, qui  custodiat,  foveat,    visit, and  defend all that dwell
   protegat,     visitet,     atque    in this  house.   Through  Christ
   defendat omnes habitantes in hoc    our Lord.
   habitaculo.       Per   Christum
   Dominum nostrum.
        [C]  Amen.                        [C]  Amen.
                     Prayers at the Foot of the Altar
        [Priest]  In nomine Patris,       [Priest]   In the  name of the
   +  et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.    Father +  and of  the Son  and of
   Amen.    Introibo ad altare Dei.    the Holy Ghost.  Amen.  I will go
                                       in to the altar of God.
        [Congregation]  Ad Deum qui       [Congregation]   To  God,  the
   laetificat juventutem meam.         joy of my youth.
             Psalm xlii: 1-5 (omitted in Masses for the dead).
        [P]   Judica me,  Deus,  et       [P]   Give judgment  for me, O
   discerne causam  meam  de  gente    God, and  decide my cause against
   non sancta:  ab homine iniquo et    an unholy people, from unjust and
   doloso erue me.                     deceitful men deliver me.
        [C]     Quia  tu  es  Deus,       [C]   For Thou,  O God, art my
   fortitudo    mea:    quare    me    strength, why  hast Thou forsaken
   repulisti,  et   quare   tristis    me?   And why  do I  go about  in
   incedo,    dum    affligit    me    sadness, while the enemy afflicts
   inimicus?                           me?
        [P]   Emitte lucem  tuam et       [P]   Send forth Thy light and
   veritatem    tuam:    ipsa    me    Thy truth;  for they  have led me
   deduxerunt,  et   adduxerunt  in    and brought  me to  Thy holy hill
   montem  Sanctum   tuum,  et   in    and Thy dwelling place.
   tabernacula tua.
        [C]   Et introibo ad altare       [C]   And I  will go in to the
   Dei:   ad  Deum  qui  laetificat    altar of God.  To God, the joy of
   juventutem meam.                    my youth.
        [P]    Confitebor  tibi  in       [P]   I shall  yet praise Thee
   cithara, Deus,  Deus meus: quare    upon the  harp, O  God,  my  God.
   tristis es,  anima mea, et quare    Why art  thou sad,  my soul,  and
   conturbas me?                       why dost thou trouble me?
        [C]   Spera in Deo, quoniam       [C]  Trust in God, for I shall
   adhuc confitebor  illi: salutare    yet praise  Him, the salvation of
   vultus mei, et Deus meus.           my countenance and my God.
        [P]     Gloria  Patri,   et       [P]   Glory be  to the  Father
   Filio, et Spiritui Sancto.          and to  the Son  and to  the Holy
        [C]       Sicut   erat   in       [C]     As  it   was  in   the
   principio, et  nunc, et  semper,    beginning, is now, and ever shall
   et in saecula saeculorum.  Amen.    be, world without end.  Amen.
        [P]    Introibo  ad  altare       [P]  I will go in to the altar
   Dei.                                of God.
        [C]  Ad Deum qui laetificat       [C]   To God,  the joy  of  my
   juventutem meam.                    youth.
                              (End of Psalm)
        [P]   Adjutorium nostrum  +       [P]  Our help + is in the name
   in nomine Domini.                   of the Lord.
        [C]   Qui fecit  caelum  et       [C]   Who hath made heaven and
   terram.                             earth.
                        The priest recites the Confiteor:
        [P]        Confiteor    Deo       [P]    I  confess to  Almighty
   omnipotenti . . .  orare pro  me    God . . . to pray to the Lord our
   ad Dominum Deum nostrum.            God for me.
        [C]       Misereatur    tui       [C]   May  Almighty  God  have
   omnipotens Deus,  * et  dimissis    mercy on  thee and  forgive  thee
   peccatis tuis,  perducat  te  ad    thy sins,  and bring thee to life
   vitam aeternam.                     everlasting.
        [P]  Amen.                        [P]  Amen.
                        The congregation recites the Confiteor:
        [C]        Confiteor    Deo       [C]   I  confess  to  Almighty
   omnipotenti,    beatae    Mariae    God,  the   blessed  Mary,   ever
   semper Virgini,  beato  Michaeli    Virgin, to  blessed  Michael  the
   Archangelo,       beato   Joanni    Archangel, to  blessed  John  the
   Baptistae,   sanctis   Apostolis    Baptist, the holy Apostles, Peter
   Petro et Paulo, omnibus Sanctis,    and Paul, and all the Saints, and
   et  tibi,  Pater,  quia  peccavi    to  you,   Father,  that  I  have
   nimis,  cogitatione,   verbo  et    sinned exceedingly,  in  thought,
   opere: mea culpa, [strike breast    word, and deed, through my fault,
   3 times]  mea culpa,  mea maxima    [strike breast  3 times]  through
   culpa. Ideo precor beatam Mariam    my   fault,   through   my   most
   semper     Virginem,      beatum    grievous  fault.     Therefore  I
   Michaelem Archangelum,    beatum    beseech   blessed    Mary,   ever
   Joannem    Baptistam,    sanctos    Virgin,   blessed   Michael   the
   Apostolos  Petrum   et   Paulum,    Archangel,   blessed   John   the
   omnes  Sanctos,  et  te,  Pater,    Baptist, the holy Apostles, Peter
   orare pro  me  ad  Dominum  Deum    and Paul, and all the Saints, and
   nostrum.                            you, Father,  to pray to the Lord
                                       our God for me.
        [P]     Misereatur   vestri       [P]   May  Almighty  God  have
   omnipotens Deus,  * et  dimissis    mercy on you and forgive you your
   peccatis vestris,  perducat  vos    sins,  and   bring  you  to  life
   ad vitam aeternam.                  everlasting.
        [C]  Amen.                        [C]  Amen.
        [P]       Indulgentiam,   +       [P]    May  the  Almighty and
   absolutionem,   et   remissionem    merciful Lord  + grant us pardon,
   peccatorum   nostrorum   tribuat    absolution, and full remission of
   nobis omnipotens  et  misericors    our sins.
        [C]  Amen.                        [C]  Amen.
        [P]    Deus,  tu  conversus       [P]   Thou wilt  turn, O  God,
   vivificabis nos.                    and bring us to life.
        [C]       Et   plebs    tua       [C]    And  Thy  people  shall
   laetabitur in te.                   rejoice in Thee.
        [P]  Ostende nobis, Domine,       [P]   Show  us,  O  Lord,  Thy
   misericordiam tuam.                 mercy.
        [C]   Et salutare  tuum  da       [C]     And   grant   us   Thy
   nobis.                              salvation.
        [P]       Domine,    exaudi       [P]  O Lord, hear my prayer.
   orationem meam.
        [C]   Et clamor  meus ad te       [C]   And let my cry come unto
   veniat.                             Thee.
        [P]  Dominus vobiscum.            [P]  The Lord be with you.
        [C]  Et cum spiritu tuo.          [C]  And with thy spirit.
                       The priest ascends the altar.
        Oremus.    Aufer  a  nobis,       Let us  pray.   Take away from
   quaesumus,  Domine,  iniquitates    us our  sins, O Lord, that we may
   nostras: ut  ad Sancta sanctorum    enter with  pure minds  into  the
   puris     mereamur      mentibus    holy of  holies.   Through Christ
   introire.   Per Christum Dominum    our Lord.  Amen.
   nostrum.  Amen.
        Oramus   te   Domine,   per       We beseech  Thee, O  Lord,  by
   merita Sanctorum  tuorum, quorum    the merits  of Thy  saints, whose
   reliquiae hic  sunt,  et  omnium    relics lie  here, and  of all the
   Sanctorum: ut indulgere digneris    saints: deign  in  Thy  mercy  to
   omnia peccata mea.  Amen.           pardon me of all my sins.  Amen.
        At solemn Mass, he blesses incense and incenses the altar.
        Ab  illo   benedicaris   in       Be  thou  blessed  by  Him  in
   cujus honore cremaberis.  Amen.     whose   honor   thou   shalt   be
                                       consumed.  Amen.
     The priest moves to the Epistle side, and making the sign of the
     cross (except in a Requiem Mass), reads the Introit.  The people
      may join him in the entire reading if properly prepared, or in
                         the Gloria Patri if not.
        [P]  Kyrie eleison.               [P]  Lord, have mercy on us.
        [C]  Kyrie eleison.               [C]  Lord, have mercy on us.
        [P]  Kyrie eleison.               [P]  Lord, have mercy on us.
        [C]  Christe eleison.             [C]  Christ, have mercy on us.
        [P]  Christe eleison.             [P]  Christ, have mercy on us.
        [C]  Christe eleison.             [C]  Christ, have mercy on us.
        [P]  Kyrie eleison.               [P]  Lord, have mercy on us.
        [C]  Kyrie eleison.               [C]  Lord, have mercy on us.
        [P]  Kyrie eleison.               [P]  Lord, have mercy on us.
      The Gloria is recited if appropriate.  It is always omitted in
              Masses celebrated in black or purple vestments:
        [P]    Gloria  in  excelsis       [P]    Glory  to  God  in  the
   Deo.                                highest.
        [All]    Et  in  terra  pax       [All]   And on  earth peace to
   hominibus   bonae    voluntatis.    men of  good  will.    We  praise
   Laudamus te.    Benedicimus  te.    Thee.   We bless  Thee.  We adore
   Adoramus te.   Glorificamus  te.    Thee.   We glorify Thee.  We give
   Gratias  agimus   tibi   propter    Thee thanks  for Thy great glory.
   magnam  gloriam  tuam.    Domine    O Lord  God, heavenly  King,  God
   Deus, Rex  caelestis, Deus Pater    the  Father  Almighty.    O  Lord
   omnipotens.       Domine    Fili    Jesus Christ,  the only  begotten
   unigenite, Jesu Christe.  Domine    Son.   O Lord  God, Lamb  of God,
   Deus, Agnus  Dei, Filius Patris.    Son of  the Father.   Who  takest
   Qui   tollis    peccata   mundi,    away the  sins of the world, have
   miserere   nobis.   Qui   tollis    mercy on us.  Who takest away the
   peccata      mundi,      suscipe    sins of  the world,  receive  our
   deprecationem  nostram.      Qui    prayer.  Who sittest at the right
   sedes   ad    dexteram   Patris,    hand of the Father, have mercy on
   miserere  nobis.     Quoniam  tu    us.   For Thou  alone  art  holy.
   solus   sanctus.      Tu   solus    Thou alone art Lord.  Thou alone,
   Dominus.   Tu solus  altissimus,    O Jesus  Christ, art  most  high.
   Jesu  Christe.      Cum   Sancto    Together with  the Holy  Ghost, +
   Spiritu +  in gloria Dei Patris.    in the  glory of  God the Father.
   Amen.                               Amen.
         The priest kisses the altar and turns toward the people:
        [P]  Dominus vobiscum.            [P]  The Lord be with you.
        [C]  Et cum spiritu tuo.          [C]  And with thy spirit.
     He stands at the Epistle side to pray the collect(s).  These all
              end, and are answered, in the following manner:
        [P]     Per  omnia  saecula       [P]  World without end.
        [C]  Amen.                        [C]  Amen.
                                The Epistle
       After the last Collect, the priest reads the Epistle.  At the
     conclusion he places his left hand flat on the altar; the signal
                for the server and congregation to respond:
        [C]  Deo gratias.                 [C]  Thanks be to God.
             The Gradual and Alleluia verse or Tract are read.
        [P]   Munda  cor  meum,  ac       [P]   Cleanse my  heart and my
   labia mea,  omnipotens Deus, qui    lips, O  Almighty God,  who didst
   labia Isaiae  Prophetae  calculo    cleanse the  lips of  the prophet
   mundasti ignito:    ita  me  tua    Isaias with a burning coal; deign
   grata    miseratione     dignare    of  Thy   gracious  mercy  so  to
   mundare, ut  sanctum  Evangelium    purify me  that  I  may  worthily
   tuum digne valeam nuntiare.  Per    proclaim   Thy    holy    Gospel.
   Christum Dominum nostrum.  Amen.    Through Christ our Lord.  Amen.
        [P]        Jube,    Domine,       [P]    O  Lord,  Thy  blessing
   benedicere.     Dominus  sit  in    please.   May the  Lord be  in my
   corde meo, et in labiis meis: ut    heart and  on my lips, that I may
   digne et  competenter  annuntiem    worthily and  fittingly  proclaim
   Evangelium suum.  Amen.             His holy Gospel.  Amen.
                                The Gospel
        [P]  Dominus vobiscum.            [P]  The Lord be with you.
        [C]  Et cum spiritu tuo.          [C]  And with thy spirit.
      With his thumb he makes the sign of the Cross at the top of the
   Gospel text, on his forehead, on his lips, and on his breast, saying:
        [P]  +   Sequentia   sancti       [P]  + The continuation of the
   Evangelii secundum Joannem.         Holy  Gospel according  to  Saint
        [C]  Gloria tibi, Domine.         [C]  Glory be to Thee, O Lord.
                     At the conclusion of the Gospel:
        [P]   Per evangelica  dicta       [P]   By the words of the holy
   deleantur nostra delicta.           Gospel  may our  sins be  blotted
        [C]  Laus tibi, Christe.          [C]   Praise  be  to  Thee,  O
        [P]  Credo in unum Deum.          [P]  I believe in one God,
        [All] Patrem  omnipotentem,      [All] the Father Almighty, maker
   factorem caeli  et terrae, visi-    of heaven  and earth,  and of all
   bilium omnium  et  invisibilium.    things  visible   and  invisible.
   Et   in   unum   Dominum   Jesum    And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the
   Christum, Filium Dei unigenitum.    only-begotten Son  of God.   Born
   Et ex  Patre  natum  ante  omnia    of the  Father before  all  ages.
   saecula.   Deum de Deo, lumen de    God of  God, light of light, true
   lumine, Deum  verum de Deo vero.    God of  true God.   Begotten, not
   Genitum,       non       factum,    made;  of   one  being  with  the
   consubstantialem Patri: per quem    Father; by  whom all  things were
   omnia facta  sunt.   Qui propter    made.   Who, for  us men, and for
   nos homines,  et propter nostram    our  salvation   came  down  from
   salutem  descendit   de  caelis.    heaven.   [Genuflect]    AND  WAS
   VIRGINE:  ET  HOMO  FACTUS  EST.    MAN.   He was  also crucified for
   Crucifixus etiam  pro nobis: sub    us,   suffered    under   Pontius
   Pontio Pilato passus et sepultus    Pilate, and  was buried.   And on
   est.   Et resurrexit  tertia die    the  third  day,  he  rose  again
   secundum   Scripturas.        Et    according to the Scriptures.  And
   ascendit  in  caelum:  sedet  ad    ascending into heaven, He sitteth
   dexteram  Patris.     Et  iterum    at the  right hand of the Father.
   venturus est cum gloria judicare    And He  shall come again in glory
   vivos et  mortuos:  cujus  regni    to judge the living and the dead;
   non erit  finis.  Et in Spiritum    and of His kingdom there shall be
   Sanctum,       Dominum        et    no end.   And  in the Holy Ghost;
   vivificantem:   qui   ex   Patre    Lord  and   Giver  of  life,  who
   Filioque  procedit.     Qui  cum    proceedeth from  the  Father  and
   Patre et  Filio simul  adoratur,    the Son.   Who  together with the
   et conglorificatur:  qui locutus    Father and  the Son  is  no  less
   est per  prophetas.    Et  unum,    adored and  glorified; who  spoke
   sanctam,      catholicam      et    by the  prophets.    And  in  one
   apostolicam           Ecclesiam.    holy,  catholic   and   apostolic
   Confiteor   unum   baptisma   in    Church.   I confess  one  baptism
   remissionem  peccatorum.      Et    for the remission of sins.  And I
   exspecto          resurrectionem    look for  the resurrection of the
   mortuorum. +  Et  vitam  venturi    dead, + and the life of the world
   saeculi.  Amen.                     to come.  Amen.
                               The Offertory
        [P]  Dominus vobiscum.            [P]  The Lord be with you.
        [C]  Et cum spiritu tuo.          [C]  And with thy spirit.
        [P]  Oremus:                      [P]  Let us pray:
                The Offertory verse is read by the priest.
      The priest uncovers the chalice, places it to the right of the
                    corporal and then offers the bread:
        Sucipe,    sancte    Pater,       Accept,   O    holy    Father,
   omnipotens  aeterne  Deus,  hanc    almighty and  eternal  God,  this
   immaculatam  hostiam,  quam  ego    spotless  host,  which  I,  Thine
   indignus  famulus   tuus  offero    unworthy servant,  offer Thee, my
   tibi Deo  meo, vivo et vero, pro    living and true God, to atone for
   innumerabilibus   peccatis,   et    my numberless sins, offenses, and
   offensionibus,  et  negligentiis    negligences;  on  behalf  of  all
   meis,     et     pro     omnibus    here present,  and  likewise  for
   circumstantibus,  sed   et   pro    all  faithful  Christians  living
   omnibus  fidelibus   christianis    and dead,  that it  may profit me
   vivis atque  defunctis: ut mihi,    and them  as a means of salvation
   et illis proficiat as salutem in    unto life everlasting.  Amen.
   vitam aeternam.  Amen.
              At the Epistle corner he mingles wine and water:
        Deus,   +    qui    humanae       O God,  + who hast established
   substantiae           dignitatem    the nature  of  man  in  wondrous
   mirabiliter    condidisti,    et    dignity, and even more wondrously
   mirabilius reformasti:  da nobis    hast  renewed   it,  grant   that
   per   hujus    aquae   et   vini    through the mystery of this water
   mysterium, ejus divinitatis esse    and  wine,   we   may   be   made
   consortes,    qui    humanitatis    partakers of  His  divinity,  who
   nostrae   fieri   dignatus   est    has deigned to become partaker of
   particeps,    Jesus    Christus,    our humanity,  Jesus Christ,  Thy
   Filius  tuus,   Dominus  noster:    Son, our  Lord,  who  liveth  and
   Qui tecum  vivit  et  regnat  in    reigneth with  Thee, in the union
   unitate  Spiritus  Sancti  Deus:    of the  Holy  Ghost,  God,  world
   per  omnia  saecula  saeculorum.    without end.  Amen.
                            He offers the wine:
        Offerimus   tibi,   Domine,       We offer  unto Thee,  O  Lord,
   calicem     salutaris,      tuam    the chalice  of salvation, humbly
   deprecantes  clementiam:  ut  in    begging of  Thy mercy that it may
   conspectu   divinae   majestatis    arise before  Thy divine  majesty
   tuae,  pro   nostra,  et  totius    with a  pleasing  fragrance,  for
   mundi    salute     cum    odore    our salvation and that of all the
   suavitatis ascendat.                world. Amen.
              He offers the bread and wine as our sacrifice,
                         invoking the Holy Ghost:
        In spiritu  humilitatis, et       In  a   humble  spirit  and  a
   in animo  contrito suscipiamur a    contrite   heart,   may   we   be
   te,   Domine:    et   sic   fiat    accepted by Thee, O Lord, and may
   sacrificium nostrum in conspectu    our sacrifice  so be  offered  in
   tuo  hodie,   ut  placeat  tibi,    Thy sight  this day  as to please
   Domine Deus.                        Thee, O Lord God.
        Veni,         sanctificator       Come,   Thou   Sanctifier,   +
   omnipotens  aeterne   Deus:   et    almighty  and  eternal  God,  and
   bene + dic hoc  sacrificium, tuo    bless this sacrifice prepared for
   sancto nomini praeparatum.          the glory of Thine holy Name.
        If the Mass is sung, incense may be offered at this point.
                The priest blesses the incense, saying:
        Per  intercessionem   beati       By the intercession of blessed
   Michaelis Archangeli,  stantis a    Michael the  Archangel,  standing
   dextris  altaris   incensi,   et    at the right hand of the altar of
   omnium     electorum     suorum,    incense, and  of all  His  elect,
   incensum istud  dignetur Dominus    may the  Lord deign  to  bless  +
   bene + dicere,  et   in   odorem    this incense,  and receive  it as
   suavitatis   accipere.       Per    an odor  of sweetness.    Through
   Christum Dominum nostrum.  Amen.    Christ our Lord.  Amen.
      Receiving the thurible, he incenses the bread and wine saying:
        Incensum   istud    a    te       May this  incense, blessed  by
   benedictum,  ascendat   ad   te,    Thee, arise  before Thee, O Lord,
   Domine: et  descendat super  nos    and may  Thy mercy come down upon
   misericordia tua.                   us.
                 Incensing the altar, he recites Ps. cxl:
        Dirigatur,  Domine,  oratio       May my  prayer be  an  incense
   mea,    sicut    incensum,    in    offering   in   Thy   sight,   my
   conspectu tuo:  elevatio  manuum    uplifted  hands,  as  an  evening
   mearum sacrificium  vespertinum.    sacrifice.   Set, O Lord, a watch
   Pone, Domine, custodiam ori meo,    over my  mouth, and  a guard over
   et ostium  circumstantiae labiis    the door  of my lips.  Permit not
   meis: ut  non declinet  cor meum    my heart to turn to evil, seeking
   in verba malitiae, ad excusandas    pretexts for wickedness, with men
   excusationes in peccatis.           who work iniquity.
         Returning the thurible to the Deacon or server, he says:
        Accendat in  nobis  Dominus       May the  Lord enkindle  in  us
   ignem  sui  amoris,  et  flammam    the fire  of His  love,  and  the
   aeternae caritatis.  Amen.          flame  of   everlasting  charity.
        The celebrant is incensed and (except in Requiem Masss) the
      clergy and congregation are incensed.  All stand when incensed.
         The priest washes his hands while reciting Ps. xxv: 6-12
        Lavabo   inter   innocentes       I will wash my hands among the
   manus meas; et circumdabo altare    innocent,  and  will  walk  round
   tuum, Domine.                       Thine altar, O God.
        Ut audiam  vocem laudis, et       To  hear   the  voice  of  Thy
   enarrem universa mirabilia tua.     praise, and  to tell  of all  Thy
                                       wondrous deeds.
        Domine,   dilexi    decorem       Lord, I love the beauty of Thy
   domus     tuae,     et     locum    house, and  the place  where  Thy
   habitationis gloriae tuae.          glory dwells.
        Ne perdas cum impiis, Deus,       Destroy not  my soul  with the
   animam  meam,   et   cum   viris    impious, O  God, nor my life with
   sanguinum vitam meam:               men of blood.
        In      quorum      manibus       In  whose   hands   there   is
   iniquitates sunt:  dextera eorum    iniquity,  whose  right  hand  is
   repleta est muneribus.              full of bribes.
        Ego autem in innocentia mea       But as  for me,  I walk  in my
   ingressus  sum:  redime  me,  et    innocence,  rescue   me  and   be
   miserere mei.                       gracious to me.
        Pes meus stetit in directo:       My foot  is  on  the  straight
   in   ecclesiis   benedicam   te,    way, in  assemblies will  I bless
   Domine.                             Thee, O Lord.
        Gloria Patri,  et Filio, et       Glory be  to the Father and to
   Spiritui Sancto.                    the Son and to the Holy Ghost.
        Sicut erat in principio, et       As it was in the beginning, is
   nunc, et  semper, et  in saecula    now, and  ever shall  be, * world
   saeculorum.  Amen.                  without end.  Amen.
            The priest recites the prayer to the Holy Trinity:
        Suscipe,  sancta  Trinitas,       Accept,  most   holy  Trinity,
   hanc   oblationem,   quam   tibi    this offering which we are making
   offerimus ob memoriam passionis,    to Thee  in  remembrance  of  the
   resurrectionis,  et  ascensionis    passion,    resurrection,     and
   Jesu Christi  Domini nostri:  et    ascension of  Jesus  Christ,  our
   in honorem  beatae Mariae semper    Lord; and  in  honor  of  blessed
   Virginis,   et   beati   Joannis    Mary, ever  virgin, blessed  John
   Baptistae,     et      sanctorum    the Baptist,  the  holy  apostles
   Apostolorum Petri  et Pauli,  et    Peter and Paul, and of these, and
   istorum, et omnium Sanctorum: ut    of all  the saints;  that it  may
   illis  proficiat   at   honorem,    add to  their honor  and aid  our
   nobis autem  ad salutem: et illi    salvation; and  may they deign to
   pro nobis  intercedere  dignetur    intercede in  heaven for  us  who
   in   caelis,   quorum   memoriam    honor their memory here on earth.
   agimus in  terris.   Per  eundem    Through the same Christ our Lord.
   Christum Dominum nostrum.  Amen.    Amen.
         Kissing the altar and turning full circle to the people,
                             the priest says:
        [P]    Orate,  fratres:  ut       [P]   Pray, brethren,  that my
   meum  ac   vestrum   sacrificium    sacrifice and  yours  may  become
   acceptabile   fiat   apud   Deum    acceptable  to   God  the  Father
   Patrem omnipotentem.                almighty.
        [C]     Suscipiat   Dominus       [C]   May the  Lord accept the
   sacrificium de  manibus tuis, ad    sacrifice at  thy hands, unto the
   laudem et  gloriam nominis  sui,    praise and glory of His name, for
   ad  utilitatem  quoque  nostram,    our advantage and that of all His
   totiusque     Ecclesiae     suae    holy Church.
        He turns toward the altar to read the Secret(s), which end:
        [P]     Per  omnia  saecula       [P]  World without end.
        [C]  Amen.                        [C]  Amen.
        [P]  Dominus vobiscum.            [P]  The Lord be with you
        [C]  Et cum spiritu tuo.          [C]  And with thy spirit.
        [P]  Sursum corda.                [P]  Lift up your hearts.
        [C]  Habemus ad Dominum.          [C]  We have lifted them up to
                                       the Lord.
        [P]   Gratias agamus Domino       [P]  Let us give thanks to the
   Deo nostro.                         Lord our God.
        [C]  Dignum et iustum est.        [C]  It is meet and just.
            The Preface may very with the season or the feast,
                    but is often one of the following:
                               On weekdays:
        Vere dignum  et iustum est,       It is  truly  meet  and  just,
   aequum  et  salutare,  nos  tibi    right    and     availing    unto
   semper et  ubique gratias agere:    salvation, that  we should in all
   Domine, sancte Pater, omnipotens    times  and  in  all  places  give
   aeterne   Deus:   per   Christum    thanks unto  Thee, O  holy  Lord,
   Dominum  nostrum.      Per  quem    Father almighty  and  everlasting
   majestatem tuam  laudant Angeli,    God,  through  Christ  our  Lord.
   adorant  Dominationes,   tremunt    Through whom  the  angels  praise
   Potestates.   Caeli  caelorumque    Thy  majesty,   the   dominations
   Virtutes,  ac   beata  Seraphim,    adore, the powers are in awe, the
   socia exsultatione concelebrant.    virtues of highest heaven and the
   Cum quibus  et nostras voces, ut    blessed   seraphim    unite    in
   admitti    jubeas    deprecamur,    blissful exultation.   With  them
   supplici confessione dicentes:      we praise  Thee; grant  that  our
                                       voices too  may blend,  saying in
                                       adoring praise:
                   "Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus" as below.
               On most Sundays, the Preface of the Trinity:
        Vere dignum  et iustum est,       It is  truly  meet  and  just,
   aequum  et  salutare,  nos  tibi    right    and     availing    unto
   semper et  ubique gratias agere:    salvation, that  we should in all
   Domine, sancte Pater, omnipotens    times  and  in  all  places  give
   aeterne Deus:  Qui cum unigenito    thanks unto  Thee, O  holy  Lord,
   Filio tuo,  et  Spiritu  Sancto,    Father almighty  and  everlasting
   unus es  Deus, unus  es Dominus:    God; who with Thine only begotten
   non   in   unius   singularitate    Son and  the Holy  Ghost art  one
   personae, sed in unius Trinitate    God, one  Lord: not  in the unity
   substantiae.   Quod enim  de tua    of a  single person,  but in  the
   gloria, revelante  te, credimus,    Trinity of  a single nature.  For
   hoc de Filio tuo, hoc de Spiritu    that  which  we  believe  on  Thy
   Sancto,     sine     differentia    revelation concerning  Thy glory,
   discretionis sentimus.    Ut  in    that same  we believe of Thy Son,
   confessione verae sempiternaeque    that  same  of  the  Holy  Ghost,
   Deitatis,   et    in    personis    without       difference       or
   proprietas,   et   in   essentia    discrimination.     So  that   in
   unitas, et in majestate adoretur    confessing    the     true    and
   aequalitas.  Quam laudant Angeli    everlasting  Godhead,   we  shall
   atque    Archangeli,    Cherubim    adore  distinction   in  persons,
   quoque  ac   Seraphim:  qui  non    oneness in being, and equality in
   cessant  clamare  quotidie,  una    majesty.   This  the  angels  and
   voce dicentes:                      archangels, the cherubim too, and
                                       the seraphim  do praise;  day  by
                                       day they  cease not  to cry  out,
                                       saying as with one voice:
        [All]    Sanctus,  Sanctus,       [All]   Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord
   Sanctus, Dominus  Deus  Sabaoth.    God of  hosts.   Heaven and earth
   Pleni sunt caeli et terra gloria    are  filled   with   Thy   glory.
   tua.     Hosanna  in   excelsis.    Hosanna in  the highest.  Blessed
   Benedictus + qui venit in nomine    + is  he who comes in the name of
   Domini.  Hosanna in excelsis.       the  Lord.     Hosanna   in   the
       The bells are rung three times to signal the beginning of the
                  Canon, the most holy part of the Mass.
              For the Church, Pope, Bishop, and All Believers
        Te  igitur,   clementissime       We  therefore,  most  gracious
   Pater, per Jesum Christum Filium    Father, humbly  beg of  Thee  and
   tuum, Dominum nostrum, supplices    entreat   Thee,   through   Jesus
   rogamus ac petimus,  [The priest    Christ, Thy Son, our Lord,   [The
   kisses the  altar.]  uti accepta    priest kisses  the  altar.]    to
   habeas  et   benedicas,  haec  +    deem acceptable  and bless  these
   dona,  haec  +  munera,  haec  +    gifts, + these offerings, + these
   sancta sacrificia  illibata; [He    + holy  and unspotted  oblations;
   extends his  hands.]  in primis,    [He extends his hands.]  which we
   quae tibi offerimus pro Ecclesia    offer unto Thee in first instance
   tua   sancta   catholica;   quam    for Thy Holy and Catholic Church,
   pacificare, custodire,  adunare,    that Thou  wouldst deign  to give
   et  regere  digneris  toto  orbe    her  peace   and  protection,  to
   terrarum:  una  cum  famulo  tuo    unite and  guide  her  the  whole
   Papa  nostro  N.,  et  Antistite    world  over;  together  with  Thy
   nostro N., et omnibus orthodoxis    servant N..., our Pope, N..., our
   atque catholicae, et apostolicae    Bishop; and  all  true  believers
   fidei cultoribus.                   who  cherish   the  Catholic  and
                                       Apostolic Faith.
           For Parishioners, Friends, Relatives, and Benefactors
        Momento, Domine,  famulorum       Be mindful,  O  Lord,  of  Thy
   famularumque tuarum  N., et  N.,    servants and handmaids N. and N.,
   [He  joins   his  hands,   prays    [He  joins   his   hands,   prays
   briefly for  those whom he is to    briefly for  those whom  he is to
   remember, and  then extends  his    remember, and  then  extends  his
   hands.]           et      omnium    hands.]  and of all here present,
   circumstantium,   quorum    tibi    whose faith is known to Thee, and
   fides  cognita   est,  et   nota    likewise their devotion, on whose
   devotio,   pro    quibus    tibi    behalf we offer unto Thee, or who
   offerimus: vel qui tibi offerunt    themselves offer  unto Thee, this
   hoc sacrificium  laudis, pro se,    sacrifice    of     praise    for
   suisque omnibus: pro redemptione    themselves and all their own, for
   animarum suarum, pro spe salutis    the  good  of  their  souls,  for
   et incolumitatis  suae:  tibique    their  hope   of  salvation   and
   reddunt vota  sua  aeterno  Deo,    deliverance from  all  harm,  and
   vivo et vero.                       who pay  Thee  the  homage  which
                                       they  owe   Thee,  eternal   God,
                                       living and true.
                       Remembrance of all the Saints
        Communicantes, et  memoriam       In   the    unity   of    holy
   venerantes, in  primis gloriosae    fellowship we  observe the memory
   semper     Virginis      Mariae,    first of  all of the glorious and
   Genetricis Dei  et Domini nostri    ever virgin  Mary, mother  of our
   Iesu  Christi:   sed  et   beati    Lord and  God, Jesus Christ; next
   Ioseph, eiusdem Virginis Sponsi,    that of blessed Joseph, spouse of
   et   beatorum   Apostolorum   ac    the  same   Virgin,  and  of  Thy
   Martyrum tuorum, Petri et Pauli,    blessed  Apostles   and  martyrs,
   Andreae,    Iacobi,     Ioannis,    Peter and  Paul,  Andrew,  James,
   Thomae,     Iacobi     Philippi.    John,  Thomas,   James,   Philip,
   Bartholomaei, Matthaei,  Simonis    Bartholomew, Matthew,  Simon  and
   et  Thaddaei:     Lini,   Cleti,    Thaddeus,   of   Linus,   Cletus,
   Clementis,   Xysti,    Cornelii,    Clement,    Sixtus,    Cornelius,
   Cypriani, Laurentii, Chrysogoni,    Cyprian,  Lawrence,  Chrysogonus,
   Ioannis  et   Pauli,  Cosmae  et    John and Paul, Cosmas and Damian,
   Damiani:  et   omnium  Sanctorum    and of  all Thy  saints, by whose
   tuorum;     quorum      meritis,    merits and  prayers grant that we
   precibusque  concedas,   ut   in    may always  be fortified  by  the
   omnibus    protectionis     tuae    help  of  Thy  protection.    [He
   muniamur auxilio.  [He joins his    joins his  hands.]   Through  the
   hands.]    Per  eundem  Christum    same Christ our Lord.  Amen.
   Dominum nostrum.  Amen.
                            Prayers of Oblation
              He extends his hands over the host and chalice.
                            The bells are rung
        Hanc   igitur    oblationem       Graciously  accept,  then,  we
   servitutis   nostrae,   sed   et    beseech  Thee,   O   Lord,   this
   cunctae  familiae   tuae,  quae-    service of  our worship  and that
   sumus,   Domine,   ut   placatus    of all  Thy household.    Provide
   accipias: diesque nostros in tua    that our  days be  spent  in  Thy
   pace disponas,  atque ab aeterna    peace, save  us from  everlasting
   damnatione  nos   eripi,  et  in    damnation, and  cause  us  to  be
   electorum  tuorum  iubeas  grege    numbered in  the flock  Thou hast
   numerari.  [He joins his hands.]    chosen.   [He joins  his  hands.]
   Per  Christum  Dominum  nostrum.    Through Christ our Lord.  Amen.
        Quam oblationem  tu,  Deus,       Do Thou, O God, deign to bless
   in      omnibus       quaesumus,    what  we   offer,  and   make  it
   + benedictam,      + adscriptam,    approved, + effective, + right, +
   + ratam,           rationabilem,    and wholly pleasing in every way,
   acceptabilemque facere digneris:    that it may be, for our good, the
   ut    nobis     Cor + pus,    et    Body +  and Blood + of Thy dearly
   San + guis   fiat   dilectissimi    beloved  Son,     [He  joins  his
   Filii  tui,     [He   joins  his    hands.]  Jesus Christ, our Lord.
   hands.]     Domini  nostri  Iesu
        Qui pridie  quam pateretur,       Who,   the   day   before   He
   accepit  panem   in  sanctas  ac    suffered,  took  bread  into  His
   venerabiles   manus   suas,   et    holy  and  venerable  hands,  and
   elevatis oculis  in caelum ad te    having raised His eyes to heaven,
   Deum  Patrem  suum  omnipotentem    unto  Thee,  O  God,  His  Father
   tibi gratias agens, + benedixit,    almighty, giving  thanks to Thee,
   fregit,   deditque    discipulis    blessed, +  broke it, and gave it
   suis,  dicens:     Accipite,  et    to His  disciples, saying:   Take
   manducate ex hoc omnes:             ye all and eat of this:
                      Acting in the Person of Christ,
                the priest says the words of Consecration:
       Taking the host between the thumbs and index fingers of both
         hands, he says the words of consecration, distinctly and
     attentively over the host (or hosts if there is more than one to
                             be consecrated).
       He genuflects in adoration, raises the sacred Host for all to
     see, and genuflects again in adoration.  He does not disjoin his
                fingers from this time until the ablutions.
        The bell rings three times as the priest elevates the Host.
        Then the priest takes the chalice with both hands, saying:
        Simili    modo     postquam       In  like   manner,  when   the
   coenatum est,  accipiens et hunc    supper was done, taking also this
   praeclarum Calicem in sanctas ac    goodly chalice  into His holy and
   venerabiles  manus   suas:  item    venerable  hands,   again  giving
   tibi       gratias        agens,    thanks to  Thee, He blessed it, +
   bene + dixit,           deditque    and gave  it  to  His  disciples,
   discipulis     suis,     dicens:    saying: Take ye all, and drink of
   Accipite, et bibite ex eo omnes:    this:
      He says the words of consecration over the chalice, attentively
            and continuously, and holding it slightly elevated.
            SANGUINIS MEI,                         OF MY BLOOD,
           MYSTERIUM FiDEI:                  THE MYSTERY OF FAITH:
             PECCATORUM.                  UNTO THE FORGIVENESS OF SINS.
              He places the chalice on the corporal and says:
      Haec quotiescumque feceritis,       As often as you shall do these
    in mei memoriam facietis.          things, in memory of Me shall you
                                       do them.
      The bell rings three times as the priest elevates the Chalice.
      He genuflects in adoration, rises, elevates the chalice for all
       to see, returns it to the corporal, covers it, and genuflects
         again in adoration.  Then he extends his hands to say the
         following prayers.  Where indicated, he brings his hands
      together, makes the sign of the cross three times over Host and
                Chalice together, and then once over each.
        Unde  et  memores,  Domine,        Mindful,  therefore,  O  Lord,
   nos servi  tui, sed et plebs tua     not only  of the  blessed passion
   sancta,  ejusdem  Christi  Filii     of the  same Christ, Thy Son, our
   tui  Domini  nostri  tam  beatae     Lord, but  also His  resurrection
   passionis, nec non et ab inferis     from the  dead, and  finally  His
   resurrectionis, sed et in caelos     glorious ascension  into  heaven,
   gloriosae ascensionis: offerimus     we, Thy  ministers, as  also  Thy
   praeclare majestati tuae de tuis     holy  people,   offer  unto   Thy
   donis,  ac   datis,  hostiam   +     supreme  majesty,  of  the  gifts
   puram,   hostiam    +   sanctam,     bestowed  upon  us,  the  pure  +
   hostiam +  immaculatam, Panem  +     Victim, the  holy +  Victim,  the
   sanctam   vitae   aeternae,   et     all-perfect +  Victim;  the  holy
   Calicem + salutis perpetuae.         Bread +  of life eternal, and the
                                        Chalice + of unending salvation.
        Supra  quae   propitio   ac        And  this  do  Thou  deign  to
   sereno vultu respicere digneris:     regard with  gracious and  kindly
   et   accepta    habere,   sicuti     attention, and  hold  acceptable,
   accepta  habere,   dignatus   es     as Thou didst deign to accept the
   munera pueri  tui justi Abel, et     offerings  of   Abel,  Thy   just
   sacrificium  Patriarchae  nostri     servant,  and  the  sacrifice  of
   Abrahae: et  quod  tibi  obtulit     Abraham our  Patriarch, and  that
   summus       sacerdos       tuus     which    Thy     chief     priest
   Melchisedech,            sanctum     Melchisedech offered unto Thee, a
   sacrificium,         immaculatam     holy  sacrifice  and  a  spotless
   hostiam.                             victim.
        Supplices    te    rogamus,        Most humbly  we implore  Thee,
   omnipotens   Deus:   jube   haec     almighty God, bid these offerings
   perferri per manus sancti Angeli     be brought  by the  hands of  Thy
   tui in  sublime altare  tuum, in     holy  angel   unto  Thine   altar
   conspectu   divinae   majestatis     above; before  the  face  of  Thy
   tuae: ut  quotquot,  [he  kisses     divine majesty;  [he  kisses  the
   the  altar]   ex   hac   altaris     altar] that  those of  us who, by
   partipatione sacrosanctum  Filii     sharing in  the Sacrifice of this
   tui, +  Corpus, et  +  Sanguinem     altar,  shall  receive  the  most
   sumpserimus, [he  signs himself]     sacred +  Body and + Blood of Thy
   omni  benedictione  caelesti  et     Son, [he  signs himself]  may  be
   gratia repleamur.  [he joins his     filled  with   every  grace   and
   hands]     Per  eumdem  Christum     heavenly blessing.  [he joins his
   Dominum nostrum.  Amen.              hands] Through  the  same  Christ
                                        our Lord.  Amen.
                        For the Souls in Purgatory
        Momento   etiam,    Domine,        Be mindful,  O Lord,  also  of
   famulorum,  famularumque  N.  et     Thy servants  and  handmaids  who
   N., qui  nos  praecesserunt  cum     have gone before us with the sign
   signo  fidei,   et  dormiunt  in     of faith,  and rest  in the sleep
   somno pacis  [he joins his hands     of peace.   [he  joins his  hands
   briefly as he prays for those to     briefly as  he prays for those to
   be remembered]   Ipsis,  Domine,     be remembered]  To these, O Lord,
   et    omnibus     in     Christo     and to  all who  sleep in Christ,
   quiescentibus, locum refrigerii,     we beseech  Thee to  grant of Thy
   lucis et  pacis,  ut  indulgeas,     goodness,  a  place  of  comfort,
   deprecamur.  [he joins his hands     light and  peace.   [he joins his
   and bows  his head]   Per eumdem     hands and bows his head]  Through
   Christum Dominum nostrum.  Amen.     the same Christ our Lord.  Amen.
                              For us Sinners
        Nobis  quoque  peccatoribus        To us  also, sinners,  yet Thy
   famulis  tuis,   de  multitudine     servants, trusting  in the great-
   miserationum tuarum sperantibus,     -ness  of  Thy  mercy,  deign  to
   partem  aliquam,  et  societatem     grant some  part  and  fellowship
   donare   digneris,    cum   tuis     with  Thy   holy   Apostles   and
   sanctis Apostolis et Martyribus:     martyrs:  with   John,   Stephen,
   cum Joanne,  Stephano,  Matthia,     Matthias,   Barnabas,   Ignatius,
   Barnaba,   Ignatio,   Alexandro,     Alexander,  Marcellinus,   Peter,
   Marcellino,  Petro,  Felicitate,     Felicitas,   Perpetua,    Agatha,
   Perpetua, Agatha, Lucia, Agnete,     Lucy, Agnes,  Cecilia, Anastasia,
   Caecilia, Anastasia,  et omnibus     and all  Thy saints;  into  whose
   Sanctis tuis:  intra quorum  nos     company we  implore Thee to admit
   consortium,    non    aestimator     us, not  weighing our merits, but
   meriti, sed  veniae,  quaesumus,     freely granting  us pardon.   [he
   largitor admitte.  [he joins his     joins his  hands] Through  Christ
   hands]    Per  Christum  Dominum     our Lord.
                    He makes the sign of the cross over
                     the Chalice and Host three times:
        Per   quem    haec   omnia,        Through whom,  Lord, Thou dost
   Domine,  semper  bona  creas,  +     ever +  create, +  hallow, + fill
   sanctificas,  +   vivificas,   +     with life,  bless and bestow upon
   benedicis, et praestas nobis.        us all these good things.
      He makes the sign of the cross with the Host over the Chalice:
        Per + ipsum, et cum + ipso,        Through + Him, and with + Him,
   et in + ipso, est tibi Deo Patri     and in + Him, is to Thee, God the
   +  omnipotenti,   in  unitate  +     Father +  almighty, in  the union
   Spiritus Sancti,  omnis honor et     of the  + Holy  Ghost, all  honor
   gloria...                            and glory...
       At the end of the Canon, after raising the Host and Chalice,
                           the priest concludes:
        [P]     Per  omnia  saecula        [P]  World without end.
        [C]  Amen.                         [C]  Amen.
        Oremus.          Praeceptis        Let  us  Pray.    Directed  by
   salutaribus   moniti, et  divina     saving precepts,  and  formed  by
   institutione  formati,   audemus     divine institution,  we make bold
   dicere:                              to say:
        [All]  Pater noster, qui es        [All]   Our Father, who art in
   in caelis:  Sanctificetur  nomen     heaven, hallowed be Thy name; Thy
   tuum: Adveniat regnum tuum: Fiat     kingdom come; Thy will be done on
   voluntas tua,  sicut in caelo et     earth as  it is  in heaven.  Give
   in   terra.      Panem   nostrum     us this  day our daily bread; and
   quotidianum da  nobis hodie:  Et     forgive us  our trespasses  as we
   dimitte  nobis   debita  nostra,     forgive   those    who   trespass
   sicut    et    nos    dimittimus     against us.  And lead us not into
   debitoribus nostris.   Et ne nos     temptation.
   inducas in tentationem.
      [All:]  Sed libera nos a malo.      [All] But deliver us from evil.
        [P]  Amen.                        [P]  Amen.
        Libera   nos,    quaesumus,        Deliver us, O Lord, we beseech
   Domine,   ab    omnibus   malis,     Thee,  from   all  evils,   past,
   praeteritis,  praesentibus,   et     present, and to come: and through
   futuris: et  intercedente beata,     the intercession  of the glorious
   et gloriosa  semper Virgine  Dei     and blessed  Mary,  ever  virgin,
   Genitrice  Maria,   cum   beatis     mother of  God, together with Thy
   Apostolis tuis,  Petro et Paulo,     blessed Apostles  Peter and Paul,
   atque   Andrea,    et    omnibus     and Andrew,  and all  the  saints
   Sanctis, da  propitius pacem  in     grant of  Thy goodness,  peace in
   diebus    nostris;     ut    ope     our  days,   that  aided  by  the
   misericordiae tuae  adjuti, et a     riches of  Thy mercy,  we may  be
   peccato simus  semper liberi, et     always free  from sin,  and  safe
   ab  omni  perturbatione  securi.     from all  disquiet.   Through the
   Per eumdem Dominum nostrum Jesum     same Jesus  Christ, Thy  Son, our
   Christum Filium  tuum Qui  tecum     Lord,  who  liveth  and  reigneth
   vivit  et   regnat  in   unitate     with Thee,  in the  union of  the
   Spiritus Sancti Deus.                Holy Ghost, God.
     Holding it over the chalice, the priest breaks the host into two
               pieces, and then breaks off a small particle.
        [P]     Per  omnia  saecula        [P]  World without end.
        [C]  Amen.                         [C]  Amen.
                    He makes the sign of the cross with
                    the small particle over the chalice
        [P]   Pax +  Domini  sit  +        [P]   May the + peace of + the
   semper + vobiscum.                   Lord + be always with you.
        [C]  Et cum spiritu tuo.           [C]  And with thy spirit.
              and drops the Particle into the Chalice saying:
        Haec      commixto,      et        May    this    mingling    and
   consecratio     Corporis      et     hallowing of  the Body  and Blood
   Sanguinis  Domini   nostri  Jesu     of our  Lord Jesus Christ help us
   Christi,   fiat    accipientibus     who   receive    it   unto   life
   nobis in vitam aeternam.  Amen.      everlasting.  Amen.
        [P]   Agnus Dei, qui tollis        [P]   Lamb of  God, who takest
   peccata mundi,                       away the sins of the world,
        [C]  miserere nobis.               [C]  have mercy on us.
        [P]   Agnus Dei, qui tollis        [P]   Lamb of  God, who takest
   peccata mundi,                       away the sins of the world,
        [C]  miserere nobis.               [C]  have mercy on us.
        [P]   Agnus Dei, qui tollis        [P]   Lamb of  God, who takest
   peccata mundi,                       away the sins of the world,
        [C]  dona nobis pacem.             [C]  grant us peace.
            In requiem Masses the "Agnus Dei" is is changed to:
        [P]   Agnus Dei, qui tollis        [P]   Lamb of  God, who takest
   peccata mundi,                       away the sins of the world,
        [C]  dona eis requiem.             [C]  grant them rest.
        [P]   Agnus Dei, qui tollis        [P]   Lamb of  God, who takest
   peccata mundi,                       away the sins of the world,
        [C]  dona eis requiem.             [C]  grant them rest.
        [P]   Agnus Dei, qui tollis        [P]   Lamb of  God, who takest
   peccata mundi,                       away the sins of the world,
        [C]     dona  eis   requiem        [C]  grant them eternal rest.
     The first of the following prayers is omitted in Requiem Masses:
        Domine  Jesu  Christe,  qui        O Lord  Jesus Christ,  who has
   dixisti  Apostolis  tuis:  Pacem     said to  thine Apostles:  Peace I
   relinquo vobis,  pacem  meam  do     leave you,  My peace  I give you;
   vobis: ne respicias peccata mea,     regard not  my sins but the faith
   sed fidem Ecclesiae tuae: eamque     of Thy  Church, and deign to give
   secundum     voluntatem     tuam     her peace  and unity according to
   pacificare     et      coadunare     Thy  will.     Who   livest   and
   digneris: Qui  vivis  et  regnas     reignest, God, world without end.
   Deus    per     omnia    saecula     Amen.
   saeculorum.  Amen.
        Domine Jesu  Christe,  Fili        O Lord,  Jesus Christ,  Son of
   Dei  vivi,   qui  ex   voluntate     the living  God: Who  by the will
   Patris,    cooperante    Spiritu     of   the    Father,   with    the
   Sancto, per  mortem tuam  mundum     cooperation of  the  Holy  Ghost,
   vivificasti: libera  me per  hoc     hast by  Thy death  given life to
   sacrosanctum Corpus et Sanguinem     the world,  deliver me  by  this,
   tuum  ab  omnibus  iniquitatibus     Thy most  sacred Body  and  Blood
   meis, et universis malis: et fac     from all  my sins  and from every
   me   tuis    semper    inhaerere     evil.   Make me  always cling  to
   mandatis,  et   a   te   numquam     Thy commands, and never permit me
   separari  permittas:    Qui  cum     to be  separated from  Thee,  Who
   eodem  Deo   Patre,  et  Spiritu     with the  same God the Father and
   Sancto vivis  et regnas  Deus in     the   Holy   Ghost   livest   and
   saecula saeculorum.  Amen.           reignest, God, world without end.
        Perceptio   Corporis   tui,        Let not  the partaking  of Thy
   Domine Jesu  Christe,  quod  ego     Body, O Lord, Jesus Christ, which
   indignus  sumere  praesumo,  non     I, though  unworthy, make bold to
   mihi proveniat  in  judicium  et     receive, turn to my judgement and
   condemnationem:  sed   pro   tua     condemnation, but  by  reason  of
   pietate    prosit     mihi    ad     Thy loving kindness, may it be to
   tutamentum mentis  et  corporis,     me a  safeguard of  both soul and
   et ad medelam percipiendam:  Qui     body, and  an  effective  remedy.
   vivis et regnas cum Deo Patre in     Who livest  and reignest with God
   unitate  Spiritus  Sancti  Deus,     the Father  in the  union of  the
   per  omnia  saecula  saeculorum.     Holy Ghost,  God,  world  without
   Amen.                                end.  Amen.
        The priest genuflects, then takes the Sacred Host, saying:
        Panem  caelestem  accipiam,        I  will   take  the  Bread  of
   et nomen Domini invocabo.            Heaven, and call upon the name of
                                        the Lord.
                He strikes his breast, saying three times:
        Domine non  sum dignus,  ut        Lord, I  am  not  worthy  that
   intres  sub   tectum  meum:  sed     Thou shouldst come under my roof;
   tantum dic  verbo, et  sanabitur     but only say the word and my soul
   anima mea.                           will be healed.
                  He signs himself with the Sacred Host,
                       saying before he receives It:
        Corpus Domini  nostri  Jesu        May the Body of our Lord Jesus
   Christi custodiat animam meam in     Christ preserve my soul unto life
   vitam aeternam.  Amen.               everlasting.  Amen.
     Having consumed the Host, he spends a moment in meditation on the
       Blessed Sacrament.  Then he uncovers the chalice, genuflects,
      collects the fragments on the corporal with the paten, saying:
        Quid retribuam  Domino  pro        What return  shall I  make  to
   omnibus  quae   retribuit  mihi?     the Lord  for  all  that  He  has
   Calicem salutaris  accipiam,  et     given  me?     I  will  take  the
   nomen Domini  invocabo.  Laudans     chalice of  salvation, and I will
   invocabo Dominum, et ab inimicis     call upon  the name  of the Lord.
   meis salvus ero.                     Praising will  I  call  upon  the
                                        Lord, and  I shall  be saved from
                                        mine enemies.
                He signs himself with the chalice, saying:
        Sanguis Domini  nostri Iesu        May  the  Blood  of  our  Lord
   Christi custodiat animam meam in     Jesus  Christ  preserve  my  soul
   vitam aeternam.  Amen.               unto life everlasting.  Amen.
                      He receives the Precious Blood.
      If any of the congregation are to receive they should kneel at
     the Communion rail at this time.  The Confiteor is recited as at
     the beginning of Mass.  The priest will turn toward the people to
       recite the Misereatur and Indulgentiam, to both of which they
                           respond:  [C]  Amen.
        [P]   Ecce Agnus  Dei: ecce        [P]   Behold the  Lamb of God,
   quit tollit peccata mundi.           behold Him  who  takes  away  the
                                        sins of the world.
        [All -- 3X]  Domine non sum        [All -- 3X]  Lord,  I  am  not
   dignus,  ut  intres  sub  tectum     worthy that  Thou  shouldst  come
   meum: sed  tantum dic  verbo  et     under my roof; speak but the word
   sanabitur anima mea.                 and my soul will be healed.
       The priest places a Host upon the tongue of each communicant,
        Corpus Domini nostri + Jesu        May the Body of our Lord Jesus
   Christi custodiat animam tuam in     Christ + preserve thy  soul  unto
   vitam aeternam.  Amen.               life everlasting.  Amen.
      The priest gathers any fragments of the Blessed Sacrament onto
        the paten and places them into the chalice.  He drinks the
             remaining drops of the Precious Blood, and says:
        Quod ore sumpsimus, Domine,        What has  passed our  lips  as
   pura  mente   capiamus:  et   de     food, O  Lord, may  we possess in
   munere  temporali   fiat   nobis     purity of  heart,  that  what  is
   remedium sempiternum.                given to  us in  time, may be our
                                        healing for eternity.
        He receives a little wine into the chalice, and continues:
        Corpus tuum,  Domine,  quod        May Thy  Body, O Lord, which I
   sumpsi, et Sanguis, quem potavi,     have eaten, and Thy Blood which I
   adhaereat  visceribus  meis:  et     have drunk,  cleave unto  my very
   praesta; ut  in me  non remaneat     soul, and  grant that no trace of
   scelerum macula,  quem  pura  et     sin be  found in  me, whom  these
   sancta  refecerunt   sacramenta:     pure  and   holy  mysteries  have
   Qui vivis  et regnas  in saecula     renewed.       Who   livest   and
   saeculorum.  Amen.                   reignest,  world   without   end.
     The people pass a few minutes kneeling in thanksgiving.  When the
     priest returns the Blessed Sacrament to the tabernacle they sit.
      The priest reads the Communion Verse, after which he kisses the
                  altar and turns to the people, saying:
        [P]  Dominus vobiscum.             [P]  The Lord be with you
        [C]  Et cum spiritu tuo.           [C]  And with thy spirit.
                He recites the Postcommunion(s), which end:
        [P]     Per  omnia  saecula        [P]  World without end.
        [C]  Amen.                         [C]  Amen.
      He kisses the altar and turns toward the people again, saying:
        [P]  Dominus vobiscum.             [P]  The Lord be with you
        [C]  Et cum spiritu tuo.           [C]  And with thy spirit.
        [P]  Ite, missa est.               [P] Go, the Mass is ended.
        [C]  Deo gratias.                  [C]  Thanks be to God.
           Or, in Masses celebrated in violet or rose vestments:
        [P]  Benedicamus Domino.           [P]  Let us bless the Lord.
        [C]  Deo gratias.                  [C]  Thanks be to God.
                        Or, in Masses for the Dead:
        [P]  Requiescant in pace.          [P]  May they rest in peace.
        [C]  Amen.                         [C]  Amen.
                 In all Masses, the priest bows and says:
        Placeat    tibi,     sancta        May the  tribute of my worship
   Trinitas,  obsequium  servitutis     be pleasing  to Thee,  most  holy
   meae:     et     praesta;     ut     Trinity,  and   grant  that   the
   sacrificium,  quod  oculis  tuae     sacrifice which  I, all unworthy,
   majestatis indignus obtuli, tibi     have offered  in the  presence of
   sit  acceptabile,   mihique,  et     Thy majesty, may be acceptable to
   omnibus pro quibus illud obtuli,     Thee,  and   through  Thy   mercy
   sit, te miserante, propitiabile.     obtain forgiveness for me and for
   Per  Christum  Dominum  nostrum.     whom I  have offered it.  Through
   Amen.                                Christ our Lord.  Amen.
              The priest kisses the altar, and  turns for the
                     Blessing (omitted in Requiems).
        [P]      Benedicat      vos        [P]   May almighty  God  bless
   omnipotens   Deus,   Pater,   et     you: the  Father, and  the Son, +
   Filius, + et Spiritus Sanctus.       and the Holy Ghost.
        [C]  Amen.                         [C]  Amen.
          The priest continues to the Gospel corner as all stand.
        [P]  Dominus vobiscum.             [P]  The Lord be with you
        [C]  Et cum spiritu tuo.           [C]  And with thy spirit.
        [P]       Initium    sancti        [P]  The beginning of the Holy
   Evangelii secundum Joannem.          Gospel according to Saint John.
        [C]  Gloria tibi, Domine.          [C]  Glory be to Thee, O Lord.
         The last Gospel is usually taken from St. John's Gospel,
        chapter i, verses 1-14.   On certain occasions, however, a
                     different reading is prescribed.
        In principio  erat  Verbum,        In the beginning was the Word,
   et Verbum  erat  apud  Deum,  et     and the  Word was  with God;  and
   Deus erat  Verbum.   Hoc erat in     the Word  was God.  He was in the
   principio apud  Deum.  Omnia per     beginning with  God.   All things
   ipsum facta  sunt: et  sine ipso     were  made   through   Him,   and
   factum est  nihil,  quod  factum     without Him was made nothing that
   est:  in ipso vita erat, et vita     has been  made.  In Him was life,
   erat lux  hominum:   et  lux  in     and the  life was  the  light  of
   tenebris lucet,  et tenebrae eum     men.  And the light shines in the
   non comprehenderunt.   Fuit homo     darkness;   and    the   darkness
   missus a  Deo,  cui  nomen  erat     grasped it not.  There was a man,
   Joannes.       Hic   venit    in     one sent from God, whose name was
   testimonium,   ut    testimonium     John.     This  man   came  as  a
   perhiberet de  lumine, ut  omnes     witness,    to    bear    witness
   crederent per  illum.   Non erat     concerning the  light,  that  all
   ille  lux,  sed  ut  testimonium     might believe  through him.    He
   perhiberet de  lumine.  Erat lux     was not  himself the  light,  but
   vera,   quae   illuminat   omnem     was to bear witness to the light.
   hominem   venientem    in   hunc     It  was   the  true   light  that
   mundum.     In  mundo  erat,  et     enlightens every  man  who  comes
   mundus per  ipsum factus est, et     into the  world.   He was  in the
   mundus eum  non  cognovit.    In     world, and  the  world  was  made
   propria venit,  et sui  eum  non     through Him,  and the  world knew
   receperunt.     Quotquot   autem     Him not.   He  came unto His own,
   receperunt   eum,    dedit   eis     and His  own  received  Him  not.
   potestatem  filios   Dei  fieri,     But to  as many  as received Him,
   his, qui credunt in nomine ejus:     He gave  the  power  of  becoming
   qui non ex sanguinibus, neque ex     sons of God; to those who believe
   voluntate   carnis,   neque   ex     in His name: who were born not of
   voluntate viri,  sed ex Deo nati     blood, nor  of the  will  of  the
   sunt.     [All  genuflect]    ET     flesh, not  of the  will of  man,
   VERBUM  CARO   FACTUM  EST,   et     but of God.  [All genuflect]  AND
   habitavit in  nobis: et  vidimus     THE  WORD  WAS  MADE  FLESH,  AND
   gloriam  ejus,   gloriam   quasi     DWELT AMONG  US.   And we saw His
   Unigeniti   a    Patre,   plenum     glory,  glory  as  of  the  only-
   gratiae et veritatis.                begotten of  the Father,  full of
                                        grace and truth.
        [C]  Deo gratias.                  [C]  Thanks be to God.
                If no ceremony directly follows a low Mass,
                    the Leonine Prayers are said:

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