Regína sacratíssimi Rosárii, ora pro nobis!

Regína sacratíssimi Rosárii, ora pro nobis!

The Most Reverend John J. Humphreys, D.D.
Titular Archbishop of Cær Glow
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Dearly Beloved in Christ,

Only Muslim mosques appear to be increasing in numbers and membership--all over the world--East and West!

Catholic churches have dwindled in staggering numbers. Episcopalians, likewise. The fundamental Christian denominations are also seeing their flocks diminish by leaps and bounds. Even Jewish congregations have fallen off sharply in recent years. Yet, there are those who ask, “Why?” Why? Plainly enough, because both Christians and Jews have fallen into a slough of hypocrisy, say nothing of moral decadence, saying one thing; doing quite another.

When staggering numbers of Catholics demand their right to abortion and still call themselves “Catholic,” while their bishops and priests seem quite unconcerned-and too often just as immoral; when hordes of Catholics, in name only, of course, begin to clamor for euthanasia and the “pill’ and homosexual marriage; when the Catholic Church become essentially a man-centered church, rather than the God-centered Church established by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; when the Jews discard their sacred beliefs along the lines as most Catholics and other Christians; when the vast majority of Protestant sects not only accept all these aberrations within their so called Christian practice, but permit their own clergy to wallow in the same filth; obviously, these religions are absolutely not the same churches and synagogues into which their constituencies were born and raised.

The vast majority of these institutions have become handmaids of Satan. They are now giving the Archfiend everything they have so that he may wage his unrelenting war against our heavenly Father-as though he and his cohorts have a chance of winning! Both Jews and Christians have not only misrepresented Sacred Scripture, they have rewritten it-to their own image and likeness. And it is grossly inaccurate, it is ugly, it is immoral, it is downright offensive to the very God, Whose word it is supposed to be.

We see Christians and even Jews embracing Hinduism, Buddhism, Islamism. Why? Because, however at odds those faiths are with our Judeo-Christian beliefs, they are at least remaining faithful to what they purportedly believe. There religions, for one thing, are “stricter” than ours. They know what it means to fast and abstain, to pray, not only on their holy days but several times a day every day of the year. Good Catholics, good Jews, and good Protestants have not turned their backs on their faiths. Quite the contrary! Those faiths have changed so radically, that most of their adherents do not recognize them any longer. The faiths have apostatized from the faiths. Too many of them preach one thing but allow anything at all, it seems, except to follow God’s law. There are no norms, there is no order, there is almost no decorum or sense of dignity. Look at the signs on their properties: “Come as you are.” “Contemporary Worship”-whatever that is! They are not even churches anymore, and they say so. They are “centers.” They are the new social order. The infernal order of humanism!

Now it would appear that I have painted all with the same brush. Not at all! There are indeed exceptions, but they are becoming fewer and farther in between. They are being swallowed up by those institutions which I have identified as tools of the devil.

I even hear some of us-Old Roman Catholics-complain. They whine about fasting and holy days and coming faithfully to Sunday Mass. Is there no room for they myriads of play worlds and golf and cruises? Can we not “skip” Mass occasionally? And all too many among us are doing exactly that!

My dear children in Christ, let us tighten all the moral fibers in our being and resist these tendencies to evil. These things are not Catholic, they are not Protestant, they are not Jewish. Quite simply, these things are the enemies of Almighty God. We must remain true to our beliefs, all our beliefs. We cannot pick and choose as most of the religions of the world are doing today. Our very salvation depends upon our resisting the devil as long as we live.

With every good wish and prayerful blessing to you and yours, I am faithfully yours in Christ,

+ John J. Humphreys

The Most Reverend John J. Humphreys, Titular Archbishop of Cær-Glow.


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