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First Sunday of Lent—21 February AD 2021
Ave Maria!


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Lenten Observance

Early Tuesday morning at Matins, we read Psalm 36:3:  "Trust in the Lord, and do good, * and dwell in the land, and thou shalt be fed with its riches." 

The idea here is that God has given good men and women "dominion" over the land in which He has given them to dwell.  This dominion extends to the land's plants, animals, and mineral riches.  This was precisely the verse I was looking for, since I wanted to preach this morning about something I learned about only a few hours earlier on Monday night.  You see, I received a telephone call from a lovely friend who lives in the frigid state of Michigan.  She told me that I needed to know about the terribly cold and snowy weather they were having in Texas.  I am sure she heard irritation in my voice, as I know my own limitations, and there was nothing I could do to change the weather in Texas—whether good or bad.  She tried to clarify by telling me that the problem was being caused by the "global warming" enthusiasts.  That didn't help much because they can't control the weather any better than I can.  I told her that I had an email from her and would get back to her in the morning.  I woke up again around midnight with an urge to search the Internet for more information on the Texas weather.

I found that strong snow storms from the north were blowing through Oklahoma and Texas, all the way to the Gulf coast.[1]  Traffic was tied up everywhere, but "rolling blackouts" left the area around Austin, Texas, without power for residents to run heat pumps and medical devices.  People were taking to their cars to run the heaters!  The problem was that much of the power in the region was derived from wind turbines, and that snow and ice had fouled about half of the turbines, for a lost capacity of about 12,000 megawatts—twelve billion watts![2]

Wind turbine enthusiasts will generally admit that the devices require a high level of maintenance, can be very dangerous if not maintained, and can devastate the bird population.  The need for horizontal separation requires them to occupy large areas of land.  But rarely does anyone discuss their vulnerability to freezing rain storms—a situation that makes reliability even more important than usual!  Turbines require petroleum for lubrication and for the production of their component parts.  Large batteries are required to power motor-generators (more maintenance and components, not to mention eventual disposal) when the wind isn't blowing

Now, most of us think of Texas as being synonymous with "oil wells"—oil and gas wells that is, for natural gas comes from the same wells.  The question then becomes, why are Texans relying on more expensive and less reliable methods of power generation??  Why are Texans not making use of the God given bounty of mineral riches??  The answer, of course, is the unscientific notion that natural gas use causes "global warming"—that natural gas is somehow "unclean"!

In fact, natural gas burns very cleanly.[3]  Unlike gasoline or diesel, it produces no pollution, but only carbon dioxide and a little water.  Carbon dioxide (C02), unlike its monoxide cousin (CO) is harmless, and is, in fact, the basis for all plant life on earth—plants which humans and animals need to survive, and which produce the oxygen we must breathe.  Without the greenhouse effect of C02, the earth would be very chilly and likely barren.

The "global warming" myth is propagated by banking and government interests intent on controlling the global economy and the human population.  Citizens intent on their own wellbeing would do well to avoid the socialist control of the economy at large, and of power generation in particular.  Not so coincidentally, the power company in Austin is operated by the government.[4]

The year 2020 was filled with shoddy science and government grabs of the civil rights of Americans, all for the purpose of consolidating government control of the people.  Constitutional liberties like freedom of speech, worship, assembly, self defense and honest election were blatantly attacked with fictitious claims of maintaining the "common good."  2021 has begun, showing no promise of restoring freedom.

Perhaps we can hope that the plight of our fellow citizens, freezing to death near the southern border, will convince Americans that we must be far better educated, think more clearly, and be far more vocal in demanding that bankers and politicians respect our natural rights.  If not, we can say goodbye to the great American experiment in "liberty and justice for all." 

And, I guess that I really did "need" to know about the awful weather in Texas!


"Trust in the Lord, and do good,
and dwell in the land, and thou shalt be fed with its riches."

Dei via est íntegra


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