Regína sacratíssimi Rosárii, ora pro nobis!

From the May AD 2005
Our Lady of the Rosary
Parish Bulletin
Selections from the Scripture, the Fathers,
Doctors, Popes, and other great spiritual writers appropriate to the Church in our time.

    We must arrive at a precise explanation of the difference between the externalisms of the law, and the salvation that comes through faith in Christ and the good works born of that faith.  Salvation simply is not in the fulfillment of twenty-hundred differently interpreted rules of correct traditional religious ceremonial and personal moral conduct.

    Salvation is not in the letter of the law—especially in the various home-spun traditionalist opinions that have sprouted up concerning the law!  Salvation is not in the meticulous performance and extravagant renditions of liturgical ceremony!  Salvation is not in a book!  Salvation is not in the scrupulous following out of carefully selected—preferred—traditional religious devotions and prayers!  Salvation is not in the superficial and capricious observance of outward acts of virtue!  Salvation is not in repetitious argument and debate (which signify NOTHING)!  Salvation is not in the countless un-Catholic and improperly “authenticated” presentations of “Catholic” orthodoxy!

    Salvation comes through faith in Christ and through the INTERIOR CHANGE that faith in Christ Crucified brings about in the soul of man!  Salvation comes from and is to be found in one’s genuinely sincere love of God—the God of Love—and the living virtue generated by that love!

    If we fail to reach a clear and unquestionable understanding of this difference, then all that took place on the hillside of Calvary (and continues to take place on a few scattered altars still remaining through out the world), as far as we are concerned, will all have been for naught!

From Weekly Bulletin #875,  Palm Sunday AD 2005
Christ the King Abbey
(Traditional Benedictines),
Box 1616, Cullman, Alabama  35056


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