Regína sacratíssimi Rosárii, ora pro nobis!

From the March AD 2002
Our Lady of the Rosary
Parish Bulletin

    Question: I have heard several references to global government as "pagan." Is there any reason why it cannot be a Christian undertaking? Isn't the Catholic Church supposed to be "Universal"?

    Answer: While grass-roots popular secessionist movements all over the world clamor for smaller independent governments, the power brokers impose regional quasi-governments like NAFTA and the socialist European Union on often unwilling subjects -- and global organizations like the United Nations and the World Trade Organization continue to demand legal authority over sovereign nations. Not to be outdone by its political counterpart, in its New Catechism, the New Order church calls for disarming citizens and even sovereign nations so that an "international authority with the necessary competence and power" may keep the peace.2

    The Catholic Church does not have an "approved" economic or political system, so almost any form of local, national, or international government could theoretically be Christian in nature. The legitimacy of government is largely a function of how well it governs its subjects in accordance with God laws. For the most part, the territorial extent of the governed body is secondary. Nonetheless, political philosophers and theologians have long understood the need for governments small enough in extent to understand and effectively deal with the problems experienced by people in their territories.3 Modern theologians have coined the term "subsidiarity," but usually only employ it to give it lip service.4 The existence of different nations allows a measure of freedom -- in such a plurality a dissatisfied citizen has at least the possibility of moving elsewhere to conditions he perceives to be better -- something obviously not possible with a world government. If that aphorism about "absolute power corrupting absolutely" is accurate, it is hard to conceive of a benign world-state.

    In the first three centuries the Church was persecuted and exerted very little political influence. Pagan Rome ruled the world. In a few more centuries Rome itself became Catholic and made Catholics out of many of the barbarian tribes that divided the Empire.

    The past 1500 years or so have witnessed a transition in Christian civilization from a society almost uniformly Catholic, and governed by rulers in a rather lose confederation. In, say, 600 or 700 A.D., there were no nation-states as we know them today, but rather any number of duchies and dioceses loosely attached to a king and perhaps to the eastern, or later on, the western Emperor, and to a loosely organized papacy. But as time went on this "Christendom" was subject to greater and greater centralization and de-christianization. Kings consolidated power over regions only nominally subject to them in the feudal order. In most cases the nation-state eventually took on a life of its own, with the king being overthrown (as in France) or being retained as a mere figurehead of the State.

    The religious persecution often blamed on Christianity or the Church did not begin until strong nation-states began to form. Cistercians and Dominicans tried to preach to the Albigencians -- it took the King of France to begin the bloodshed. The Jews were expelled from England, France, and Spain only when a fledgling nation-state became powerful enough and saw a great enough advantage to itself to do so -- in some cases to consolidate power, in others to confiscate Jewish wealth. Philip IV of France expelled the Jews for profit; brought about the untimely death of Pope Boniface VIII in a squabble over French contributions to the Papacy; and forced Pope Clement V to murderously liquidate the Knights Templar, a religious order to which Philip was deeply in debt. While Pope Sixtus IV took stern measures against the injustices of the Spanish Inquisition, King Ferdinand saw it as a way to exercise power where he had little authority, in order to mold Spain into a nation-state.5 At the time of the Reformation, the English Crown inflicted barbaric penalties on Catholics who refused the new state church, while across the Channel the French slaughtered those who refused to accept the old -- and in the Netherlands Philip II killed both simultaneously in an effort to preserve Hapsburg power.6

    Even though rulers remained nominally Catholic or at least Christian for many centuries, the needs of the nation-state came to outweigh the needs of the localities that it governed and of Christendom at large. In the early part of the 13th century, the Popes would arbitrate disputes between kings, something that has apparently ended forever with the Treaty of Westphalia (1648).

    After more than a thousand years the State was once more to transact its business as though the Church did not exist, and the Church would now, increasingly, be considered -- by Catholic powers, too -- as simply a collective association of those who held like beliefs in religious matters -- no longer the Church but a church.7

    The "Catholic" countries of Europe became more and more anti-clerical as they became nations and nation-states. France, certainly, Austo-Hungary, Portugal, and Italy. Whatever one may think of the modern Jesuits, the suppression of that Order in the 1760s took place because it was too Catholic -- more precisely because it was too papal -- It survived in Russia only because of the indulgence and political power of Catherine the Great. Napoleon in his quest for world conquest held Pope Pius VI in prison until his death, and then set about capturing his successor, Pope Pius VII. Italian unification deprived the Church of the vast lands of the Papal States, making the Pope again a prisoner, this time in the self imposed house arrest of Blessed Pope Pius IX, the "prisoner of the Vatican."

    Virtually all of the European and South American revolutions of 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries were both highly nationalistic and anticlerical. If the American revolution appeared to be different at first -- politically as a federation of sovereign States, and with religious freedom within a broadly Christian framework -- it was forced to adopt the European model by Lincoln's civil war. Today only anti-Christian forces enjoy the protection decreed by our founders.

    In the middle ages most of Europe was united in something that we called Christendom. Could a modern World-State not be similarly Christian? Perhaps in theory it could be, but in practice the most likely Christian components of that State already seem pagan by any realistic standard.

    In these United States, once a primarily Christian nation, a million children a year are sacrificed to lust and personal convenience -- our own children, not the those of captured tribes like the human sacrifices of the Aztecs, but our own! The Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision, "legalizing" the murder of unborn American children was forced on the fifty sovereign States (all of which in large degree prohibited abortions) in direct violation of the Tenth and Fourteenth Amendments. But, by 1973 the transition from a federal union of States to an all powerful nation-state was so complete that even the pro-life forces failed to call for the removal of the usurping judges. A few naively campaigned for yet another Constitutional Amendment -- seemingly oblivious to how little is done in pagan Washington in accordance with the "Supreme Law of the Land."

    And it matters not which regime is in power. Although, to be fair, it is hard to conceive of a more pagan rule than that of our disgraced former President -- with the entire mechanism of government either powerless or unwilling to stop him -- with many in fear that they would be "outed" by the President's chief Pornographer and suffer the same fate as the former Speaker of the House.

    Yet the Democrats have no lock on the murder of the innocent. Both the present Governor of California and his likely Republican opponent favor abortion and homosexual marriage. In Republican governed New York, the Democratic Attorney General is trying to close down the pregnancy crisis centers - the folks who try to help women find an alternative to killing their babies.8

    Even after the unspeakable attacks on the World Trade Center, America remains officially oblivious to the identity and character of her attacker -- most of our leaders are detached far enough from our Christian roots to see Islam as just another world religion -- a "religion of peace," we are told, in spite of its 1300 year continuing "jihad" against Christendom. And anyone who yet remains unconvinced of American paganism need only watch a few hours of network television.

    One might be tempted to interpret the infanticide, and the popular obscenity, and the coddling of Islam as merely secular evils, not related to any pagan supernaturality. To many modern people, "gods" and "the devil" are nothing more than a childish fantasy -- something to make Halloween more fun. (This disbelief in his existence is why the devil is so successful). But tempted as one may be to find a natural explanation, one must still account for the actual occurrences of paganism in the leading institutions of western society.

    From the standpoint of this writing, the countries of the European Union are particularly interesting, for they are in the actual process of forming a socialist regional government, a major building block in a global government.

   The Blairs then moved around outside the pyramid ... praying first to the Mayan symbols of the sun and baby lizards.... Mayan holy songs were incantated while they meditated and attempted to conjure up visions of animals.... The celebrant explained the meaning of each of their hallucinations. Before emerging from the pyramid, the Blairs were instructed to give voice to their hopes and fears (they said a prayer for world peace) and then undergo a "rebirth." This involved smearing one another with papaya and watermelon, and then mud from the Mayan jungle outside.

From The Times of London, 15 December 2001
As Quoted in The Wanderer, 17 January 2002.

    England is officially a Christian nation with a state church -- historically, most of its citizens were Christians of one sort or another. But today no one seriously holds that England or its church are a paradigm for Christendom. New Order Catholicism is often rumored to be taking back its majority status from the Anglicans. The Prime Minister's wife is such a Catholic, and his frequent church attendance with her is seen by some as a portent of his conversion. But New Order Catholicism is a flexible thing indeed, with Tony and Cherie Blair recently making a religious retreat -- a "re-birthing ritual" at the Mayan temple in Cancun, Mexico. Understand, immediately, that we are not talking about a pair of tourists drinking a few clay pots full of fire-water in honor of the volcano god in some trendy Mexican restaurant -- but rather of the half naked first couple of English government engaging in a complex ritual of chanting, meditation, directed conjuring, hallucinating, smearing each other with mud and fruit, and screaming as they left the womb-door of the Pyramid.9 The Blairs received rather little publicity of their Mayan beliefs -- imagine the detraction they would have suffereded if they had spent the time in a traditional Catholic monastery or retreat house attending Mass, praying the Rosary, and seeking competent spiritual direction!

     This witch doctor, invited to Assisi by the Pope, also said: "The invitation to take part in the Prayer for Peace at Assisi is a great honour for me, and it is an honour for all the followers of Avelekete Vodou whose high priest I am." The high priest of Avelekete Vodou gave the Pope, and all the Catholic faithful, his prescription for world peace, which includes "asking forgiveness of the protecting spirits of regions affected by violence" and "carrying out sacrifices of reparation and purification, and thus restoring peace." That would involve slitting the throats of chickens, goats, doves, and pigeons and draining their blood from the carotid artery according to a precise ritual prescription.

From Christopher Ferrara,
The Remnant Correspondent in Assisi, January 25, 2002

    If you still don't recall hearing about Mr. Blair before, you may remember him as Mr. Clinton's associate in the illegal "Chinagate War," in which they did a fair job of driving Christian Serbia back into the stone age, and insured that it would stay there by polluting it with radioactive depleted uranium ammunition. (The Serbians, nasty as they may have been, were guilty of defending their land from the same invader whom the Americans refuse to recognize as such.)

    Then we heard from one Didi Talwakar, the representative of Hinduism. Talwakar was spied by the camera dozing through part of the Pope’s history-changing address on world peace. Talwakar would like the Catholic faithful to know that "divinization of human beings gives us a sense of the worth of life. Not only am I divine in essence, but also everyone else is equally divine in essence…." Talwakar went on to declare: "My divine brothers and sisters, from much above the station of life where I am, I dare to appeal to humanity, from this august forum, in the blessed presence of His Holiness the Pope…"
    It is hardly surprising that Talwakar (when she isn’t dozing) is very grateful that the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue "is proposing today a model of interfaith relationship… From here we can move to a coalition of world religions to safeguard a shared future blessed by God." And which god would that be? It doesn’t matter. All gods are welcome in the "coalition" envisioned.

From Christopher Ferrara,
The Remnant Correspondent in Assisi, January 25, 2002

    The problem is not merely political, having co-opted the primary organ of Christianity as well. Globalism tolerates no universal truth, and requires that everyone "get along," without any divisive squabbles about doctrinal or moral matters. This year's debacle at Assisi was relatively mild, but it still serves to illustrate the point. Listeners in the Basilica at Assisi heard not only from the Pope as to how world peace was to be achieved, but from the representatives of every imaginable pagan religion as well: Animism, Buddhism , Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Shintoism Sikhism, Tenriko, Zoroastrianism -- A thru Z -- "No Toto, this isn't Kansas, and these folks are not Presbyterians!"

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