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From the July AD 1999
Our Lady of the Rosary
Parish Bulletin

    Question:  The newspapers say that Sinead O'Conner was ordained a priest of "the Latin Tridentine church." Are we in any way connected with this group? (Their name sounds traditional Catholic, but their actions sure don't.) Is she really a priest? (K.S.C.)

    Answer: When I tried to do some research for this answer on the Internet, an item or two that I found related to her destroying a picture of the Pope on television. The rest advertised pornographic pictures of the alleged "priestess." People do sometimes repent, but neither of those two behaviors indicate attachment to Catholicism. It is impossible to know Miss O'Conner's inner motives, but no prudent person would dismiss the possibility that she was seeking publicity.

    The "Latin Tridentine church" appears to derive its Orders from Ngo Dinh Thuc, the Late Archbishop of Saigon in Viet Nam (and brother of the former President of Viet Nam, Ngo Dinh Diem who was assassinated under suspicious circumstances in 1963). Following Vatican II, Archbishop Thuc was sought out by the associates of the supposed "visionary" and "stigmatist" Clemente Dominguez y Gomez of Palmar de Troya, Spain. The Archbishop, was prevailed upon to ordain Dominguez to the priesthood and to consecrate him to the episcopate. In relatively short order, Dominguez declared that heaven had appointed him in place of Pope Paul VI, who was not truly the Pope. "Pope Clemente" ordained and consecrated numerous priests and bishops for his church. It appears that Bishop Michael Cox is among their number or among their successors.

    It should be noted that Archbishop Thuc consecrated other bishops, including some sane and intelligent men. In any event, insanity is not contagious and there are good and holy men among those who derive Holy Orders from the Archbishop of Saigon.

    For reasons that should be obvious, Sinead O'Conner is not among those men. Over the years the Church has produced many holy women. But, following God's plan since the time of Abel the just, our Lord ordained no women to the priesthood -- not even His Blessed Mother -- nor did He direct His apostles to do so. The priest is another Christ -- alter Christus -- one who takes the place of Christ as priest and victim in offering the Holy Sacrifice. The Church has no power to confer the priesthood upon a woman.

    Given this behavior it is obvious that "the Latin Tridentine church" is no more traditionally Catholic than the priests of the New Order who sometimes say "mass" in Latin but teach the errors of Vatican II.



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