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From the October AD 1999
Our Lady of the Rosary
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    Question: I have a Catholic calendar that appears to be traditional, but in September it had the Ember Days a week later than your calendar. Any idea why?

    Answer:  The Ember days have been observed as seasonal days of prayer and penance since at least the 5th century. Pope St.GregoryVII fixed them in the calendar of the Church in the 11th century. They are always observed on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday within the same week; which, in the Fall, must follow the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross on the 14th. This means that if Holy Cross occurs on a Tuesday or earlier in the week, the Ember days will fall within the second full week of September; otherwise they fall within the third full week.

    The Calendar revision of Pope John XXIII in 1960 proposed the notion that the Fall Ember days should always come during the third full week of September. This change would be relatively transparent to the majority of Catholics, even those who faithfully attend daily Mass, but has the effect of perpetually dismembering the reading of the Book of Tobias in the Divine Office at Matins during the third week. The change is accepted by "indult" Catholics.

    The Book of Tobias contains the most explicit description of what God's people are to understand about Marriage -- an understanding that Modernists would seek to change during and after the Council -- ultimately attempting to redefine the primary end of marriage. The obliteration of the Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday readings made sure that these scriptural doctrines would rarely be reviewed by God's priests and religious.

    Guess which book has been most radically altered in its modern(ist) translations!


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