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Luciferians, Gnostics, et al?

Revised:  6 June AD 2019
Octave Day of the Ascension


Question:  I went to a site on the Internet, which claimed to be part of the Old Roman Catholic Church, but in a table of Apostolic Succession, they listed a “Luciferian Legacy,” “Female Bishops and Sophias,” and “Occult Orders and Gnostic Bishops.”  Huh ? ? ?

Answer:  I have seen several such sites.  Their deceptive claim is very troubling. They are certainly not affiliated with our Church ! ! ![1]  Nor with any other body of practicing Christians.

“Luciferian” describes something or someone associated with the Devil.  The idea that one might rightly be affiliated with both the Devil and with any form of Christianity is beyond ridiculous!

Female Bishops are an impossibility.  A bishop is one who possesses the fullness of the priesthood.  From the very beginning, God has recognized only men as His priests —consider Abel, Abraham, Melchisedech, the sons of Aaron (Moses’ brother), Jesus, the Apostles, and every age of Catholic and Orthodox history thereafter.[2]  The modern sects with women “priests” have an erroneous notion of the Holy Sacrifice and the other Sacraments, so even their male ministers are not sacrificing priests, and have no ability to hear Confessions, to Anoint, to Confirm, nor to Ordain.

A “Sophia” would seem to refer to a woman who possesses knowledge that is above and beyond that which can be known by mortals—even beyond what has been revealed by God.[3]  The idea that any man or woman could have knowledge beyond God’s revelation, or knowledge that is known by some sort of magical process, is obviously wrong.  This articulates with “Occult Orders and Gnostic Bishops.”

“Gnosticism” comes from a dualist understanding of reality—spirit is good, created by God, and matter is evil, created by a lesser “god.”  Matter impedes the operation of spirit, and makes knowing God nearly impossible.  In some cases, a series of “emanations” from God may endow a person with the knowledge (gnosis) necessary for salvation.[4]  Not everyone is capable of receiving emanations, but such special people are thought to exist—some hold that they can pass their gnosis on to other people (the Bodhi Sattva of Buddhism is an example of one who is said to pass on gnosis to people of lesser enlightenment).[5]  Salvation is said to be through gnosis, independently of faith or good works (which often leads to wild behavior). If the physical body is trapping the soul, abortion, murder, and suicide might be imagined to be positively good!

The “Occult” is an attempt to explain reality in terms of unobservable and unmeasurable forces and qualities—think of alchemy, astrology, and other forms of magic.  Better yet, don’t waste your time thinking about them at all.




[2]   Abel (Genesis 4:4), Abraham (Genesis 22:6-13), Melchisedech (Genesis 14:18), Sons of Aaron (2 Paralipomenon 13:10), Jesus, Son of God (Mark 1:1), the Apostles (Matthew 10:2-4).  Summa Theologica, Sup. Q.39 a.1,   Even the conciliar church has recognized this:  .

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