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One of the "Usual Suspects" on Universal Salvation
A brief excerpt from an on-line chat with Roger Cardinal Mahoney of Los Angeles
hosted by on February 20, 2004.  Please see our comments at the end.

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Cardinal: Good morning, everyone!


Moderator: So if Mel Gibson does not accept the Church's teachings as outlined in Vatican II documents, he's "not Catholic in the true sense"?

Cardinal: The Sixteen Documents of the Second Vatican Council constitute the accurate, authentic teaching of the Church. Those teachings are now contained in the Catechism of the Church. If one chooses to set aside any of those, then they choose to separate themselves from the unity of the Church. Keep in mind that the first temptation of Adam and Eve was precisely this: Satan told them, "you will be like gods, choosing good and evil." Wrong.


Jane M.: Who do you think goes to heaven? Do you think people of other religions will be there? Do people who haven't accepted Christ as their savior go to heaven when they die?

Cardinal: As the Second Vatican Council teaches us, it is the Church's belief that everyone goes to heaven "through the salvific merits of Jesus Christ." Therefore, if they belong to another faith community, we believe that it is still the merits of Jesus' Paschal Mystery that enables them to reach the Kingdom of God.

Keep in mind that each of us "chooses" our final destiny, and God continually calls to us to return home.

Moderator: Looks like we're out of time, folks. Cardinal, thank you very much for chatting with us! And thanks to everyone who joined us!

Cardinal: God bless everyone!!!

//END of Cardinal Mahoney Interview//

Webmonk's Comment:

    Vatican II was unique in the history of ecumenical councils in that it defined absolutely nothing that one must believe to be a Catholic -- in both its opening and closing statements it literally boasts that it bound no one to believe anything under any penalty whatsoever.  Of course, Vatican II had no authority to change what Catholics already knew to be the truth as it was found in divine revelation, and elucidated through the magisterial teachings of earlier Popes and councils.  While the council documents were generally ambiguous (like the Cardinal's statement about universal salvation above), its teaching about the ends of marriage and the necessary mechanism of salvation have brought nearly universal confusion to those who accept the New Order as though it were the Catholic Church.

    Ultimately, the decision as to who will be saved is in the hands of God alone.  But we do have His teaching on the matter to guide us in our practical behavior on earth:

"Go ye into the whole world and preach the gospel to every creature.
He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved:
but he that believeth not shall he condemned" (Mark xvi:15-16).


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