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Frequently Asked Questions—How do you relate to the other Catholic churches?

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    FAQ: How do you relate to the other Catholic churches? Shouldn't traditional Catholics who like Latin attend the Indult Mass?

    In the thirty five or so years since Vatican-II, many Catholics have unquestioningly accepted the gradual changes that make up New Order Catholicism—traditional Catholics have not.[1]  The churches of the New Order may superficially resemble the churches of traditional Catholicism (many of the newly built or "renovated" ones do not), but what goes on inside of them is significantly different. Traditional Catholic churches exist for the purpose of worshipping God, and to sanctify His faithful by means of His Sacraments and His unequivocal truth and moral requirements. Only in a minor way are they places of social gathering, and in no way do they admit a plurality of beliefs and moral practices.

    For more information on the difference between the New Order and traditional Catholicism see: Why Catholics Must Resist Modernism

    "The Indult" is a permission given to New Order priests to celebrate the traditional Roman Mass, provided that they do not question any of the innovations of the New Order, including the Novus Ordo mass. The Pope's expressed intention in granting "the Indult" was to draw the faithful away from those organizations that remained faithful to the entirety of the Catholic Faith by offering them the supposed "legitimacy" of papal permission.[2] It would be incorrect to call those who patronize "the Indult" mass "traditional Catholics"—"Antiquarian Catholics," or, better still "New Order Antiquarians," would be more accurate.

    Many of the New Order priests who celebrate the "Indult" mass use the Novus Ordo rite with even greater regularity.[3] A great number were ordained in the new rite and/or by New Order bishops, who became bishops by means of the new rite (1968) of "episcopal ordination." Presumably they allow themselves to be guided by the New Catechism in its theology of the Mass, dogma, and morals—if not, they won't be New Order priests for long.

    Being a Catholic is not a matter of liking or disliking Latin. Traditional Catholics ought to attend Mass where the traditional Catholic Faith is practiced exclusively—not just partially, or part of the time. What the Antiquarians have to offer can be had on video tape.


   [1] The term "New Order" includes the various doctrinal and moral innovations of the conciliar church, in addition to the "Novus Ordo," New Order of Mass, created by Pope Paul VI. We generally use the term in English to denote the movement as a whole, but use the Latin, "Novus Ordo," to denote the new mass and sacramental rites alone.
    [2] Pope John Paul II, Ecclesia Dei adflicta.
    [3] According to the recent Commission Ecclesia Dei protocol 99/1411, all "Indult priests" must follow the new rite when they celebrate publicly in congregations where it is expected.




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