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The Psalms (and a Canticle from Daniel)
Worshipping God in and Through Nature
Ps. 17, Daniel 3, Ps. 148, Ps. 28, Ps. 996, Ps. 64

Psalm 17

1. I love Thee, O Lord, my strength, * O Lord, my rock, my fortress, my deliverer.

2. My God, my rock of refuge, * my shield, the horn of my salvation, my stronghold!

3. Praise be the Lord, I exclaim, * and I am safe from my enemies.

4. The breakers of death surged round about me, * the destroying floods overwhelmed me;

5. The cords of the nether world enmeshed me, * the snares of death overtook me.

6. In my distress I called upon the Lord * and cried out to my God;

7. From His temple He heard my voice, * and my cry to Him reached His ears.

8. The earth swayed and quaked; the foundations of the mountains trembled * and shook when His wrath flared up.

9. Smoke rose from His nostrils, and a devouring fire from His mouth * that kindled coals into flame.

10. And He inclined the heavens and came down * with dark clouds under His feet.

11. He mounted a cherub and flew, * borne on the wings of the wind.

12. And He made darkness the cloak about Him; * dark, misty rain clouds His wrap.

13. From the brightness of His presence * coals were kindled to flame.

14. And the Lord thundered from heaven; * the Most High gave forth His voice;

15. He sent forth His arrows to put them to flight, * with frequent lightnings He routed them.

16. Then the bed of the sea appeared, * and the foundations of the world were laid bare,

17. At the rebuke of the Lord, * at the blast of the wind of His wrath.

18. He reached out from on high and grasped me; * He drew me out of the deep waters.

19. He rescued me from my mighty enemy * and from my foes, who were too powerful for me.

20. They attacked me in the day of my calamity, * but the Lord came to my support.

21. He set me free in the open, * and rescued me, because He loves me.

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Canticle of the Three Young Men
Daniel iii: 57-88, 56

1. Bless the Lord, all you works of the Lord, * praise and exalt Him above all forever.

2. Angels of the Lord, bless the Lord, * you heavens, bless the Lord.

1. All you waters above the heavens, bless the Lord; * all you hosts of the Lord, bless the Lord.

2. Sun and moon, bless the Lord; * stars of heaven, bless the Lord. --

1. Every shower and dew, bless the Lord; * all you winds, bless the Lord.

2. Fire and heat, bless the Lord; * cold and chill, bless the Lord.

1. Dew and rain, bless the Lord; * frost and cold, bless the Lord.

2. Ice and snow, bless the Lord; * nights and days, bless the Lord.

1. Light and darkness, bless the Lord; * lightnings and clouds, bless the Lord. --

2. Let the earth bless the Lord, * praise and exalt Him above all forever.

1. Mountains and hills, bless the Lord; * everything growing from the earth bless the Lord.

2. You springs, bless the Lord; * seas and rivers, bless the Lord.

1. You dolphins, and all water creatures, bless the Lord; * all you birds of the air, bless the Lord.

2. All you beasts, wild and tame, bless the Lord; * praise and exalt Him above all forever. --

1. You sons of men, bless the Lord; * servants of the Lord, bless the Lord.

2. Spirits and souls of the just, bless the Lord; * holy men of humble heart, bless the Lord.

1. Ananias, Azarias, Misael, bless the Lord; * praise and exalt Him above all forever.

2. Let us bless the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost, * let us praise and exalt God above all forever.

1. Blessed art Thou, O Lord, in the firmament of heaven, * praiseworthy and glorious forever!


Psalm 148

1. Praise the Lord from the heavens, * praise Him in the heights;

2. Praise Him all you Angels, * praise Him, all you his hosts.

1. Praise Him, sun and moon; * praise Him all you shining stars.

2. Praise Him, you highest heavens, * and you waters above the heavens.

1. Let them praise the name of the Lord, * for He commanded and they were created;

2. He established them forever and ever; * He gave them a duty which shall not pass away. --

1. Praise the Lord from the earth, * you sea monsters and all depths;

2. Fire and hail, snow and mist, * storm winds that fulfill His word;

1. You mountains and all you hills, * you fruit trees and all you cedars;

2. You wild beasts, and all you tame animals, * you creeping things, and all you winged fowl.

1. Let the kings of the earth, and all peoples, * the princes and all the judges of the earth,

2. Young men too, and maidens, * old men and boys,

1. Praise the name of the Lord, * for His name alone is exalted;

2. His majesty is above earth and heaven, * and He has lifted up the horn of His people.

1. Be this His praise from all His faithful ones, * from the children of Israel, the people close to Him.


Psalm 28

1. Give to the Lord, all you sons of God, * give to the Lord glory and praise,

2. Give to the Lord the glory due His name; * adore the Lord in holy attire.

1. The voice of the Lord is over the waters, the God of glory thunders, * the Lord over vast waters.

2. The voice of the Lord is mighty; * the voice of the Lord is majestic.

1. The voice of the Lord breaks the cedars, * the Lord breaks the cedars of Lebanon.

2. He makes Lebanon leap like a calf * and Sarion like a young wild bull.

1. The voice of the Lord strikes fiery flames; the voice of the Lord shakes the desert, * the Lord shakes the wilderness of Cades.

2. The voice of the Lord twists the oaks, and strips the forests, * and in His temple all say, "Glory!"

1. The Lord is enthroned above the flood; * the Lord is enthroned as king forever.

2. May the Lord give strength to His people; * May the Lord bless His people with peace!


Psalm 96

1. The Lord is king; let the earth rejoice; * let the many isles be glad.

2. Clouds and darkness are round about Him, * justice and judgement are the foundation of His throne.

1. Fire goes before Him, * and consumes His foes round about.

2. His lightnings illumine the orb of the world; * the earth sees and trembles.

1. The mountains melt like wax before the Lord, * before the Lord of all the earth.

2. The heavens proclaim His justice, * and all peoples see His glory.ÄÄ

1. All who worship graven things are put to shame, who glory in the things of nought; * all gods are prostrate before Him.

2. Sion hears, and is glad, and the cities of Juda rejoice * because of Thy judgements, O Lord.

1. Because Thou, O Lord, are the Most High over all the earth, * exalted far above all gods.

2. The Lord loves those that hate evil; He guards the lives of His faithful ones; * from the hand of the wicked He delivers them.

1. Light dawns for the just; * and gladness, for the upright of heart.

2. Be glad in the Lord, you just, * and give thanks to His holy name.


Psalm 64

1. To Thee, we owe our hymn of praise, O God, in Sion; * to Thee must vows be fulfilled, Thou who hear prayers.

2. To Thee all flesh must come * because of wicked deeds.

1. We are overcome by our sins; * Thou art the pardoner.

2. Blessed the man Thou choose, and bring * to dwell in Thy courts.

1. May we be filled with the good things of Thy house, * the holy things of Thy temple.

2. With awe inspiring deeds of justice Thou answer us, * O God our savior.

1. The hope of all the ends of the earth, * and of the distant seas.

2. Thou set the mountains in place by Thy power, * Thou who art girt with might;

1. Thou still the roaring of the seas, * the roaring of their waves, and the tumult of the peoples.

2. And the dwellers at the earth's ends are in fear at Thy marvels; * the farthest east and west Thou make resound with joy.

1. Thou hast visited the land and watered it; * greatly hast Thou enriched it.

2. God's watercourses are filled, Thou hast prepared the grain. * Thus, Thou hast prepared the land.

1. Drenching its furrows, * breaking up its clods.

2. Softening it with showers, * blessing its yield.

1. Thou hast crowned the year with Thy bounty, * and Thy paths overflow with a rich harvest.;

2. The untilled meadows overflow with it, * and rejoicing clothes the hills.

1. The hills are garmented with flocks, and the valleys blanketed with grain. * They shout and sing for joy.



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