Regína sacratíssimi Rosárii, ora pro nobis!

Father Brusca's Twenty-fifth Ordination Anniversary -- Holy Mass
Second Sunday of Advent AD 2005

Procession to the Altar
David Summers, Mr. Vincent Frattaruolo

Procession to the Altar
Fr. Brusca


Introíbo ad altáre Dei
David Summers, Fr. Brusca, Abp. Humphreys, Mr. Frattaruolo

Introit:  Populus Sion, ecce Dóminus vénit.
Abp. Humphreys, Mr Frattaruolo, Fr. Brusca, David Summers

Oremus:  Let us pray
The Congregation

"Welcome everyone, and thank you!"
Fr. Brusca

"By my reckoning, Father Brusca has offered ... something in the area of 10,000 holy Masses."
Abp. Humphreys

"Father Brusca was ordained, by me, on the feast of Saint Nicholas, December 6, 1980,
 and offered his First Solemn High Mass two days later,
on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception."

Abp. Humphreys

Elevation:  "For this is My body."

"For This Is The Chalice Of My Blood,
Of The New And Eternal Covenant:
The Mystery Of Faith:
Which Shall Be Shed For You And For Many
Unto The Forgiveness Of Sins."

Abp. Humphreys, Mr. Frattaruolo, Fr. Brusca, David Summers

Final Blessing
Abp. Humphreys, Mr. Frattaruolo, Fr. Brusca, David Summers

Abp. Humphreys, David Summers

Fr. Brusca


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