Regína sacratíssimi Rosárii, ora pro nobis!

Hurricane Wilma—October 24-25 AD 2005

It takes a photograph like this to appreciate the magnitude of a Category 3 Hurricane—thank God it was not Category 5!  The storm arose in the Caribbean, hit Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, and then cut a Southwest to Northeast diagonal across South Florida.


God bless us all!  There was no damage at all within. None of our people got hurt.
Mass was offered by candle light for two Sundays—fine the first Sunday; a bit warm the second Sunday.
Downed power poles had all three lanes on the other side of the street, just north of the church,  blocked for a few days.

The junk pile at the Rectory dwarfs Father Brusca.
Great exercise, picking all this stuff up, but golf would probably be more interesting.
After the City finally collected all of this, the County parked big huge trucks necessary to carry debris away from the drainage canal behind the houses seen on the other side of the street.  The grass eventually returned.

It was amazing how much a thirty year old Coleman camp stove was appreciated.
Hot coffee and a clean shave make one feel almost human in the morning.
We even had a small parish spaghetti dinner on Sunday afternoon.


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