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Dearly Beloved in Christ,

Recently, one of the nuns with whom I correspond regularly, asked me to pray for vocations for her community.  The community is quite concerned because inquiries from women are scarce.  I told Sister that I do and would continue to pray for vocations to her community, just as I constantly pray for vocations within our own jurisdiction.  In telling her this, however, I added some thoughts that I now want to share with you.

We are experiencing a lack of vocations everywhere for several reasons, basic to which, I believe, is the fact that we have failed to teach our younger generations either penitence or sacrifice.  Note:  I said “generations” — with an “s.”  We are into nearly a half century of the sterility wrought by a world-wide council of too many pagans posing as prelates.  That, and the ripple effect it has had on nearly every other once prosperous institution, has left us crippled in so many other spheres of accomplishment within our communities, states, nations, and the world itself.  We have handicapped ourselves into a civilization devoid of culture, spirituality, and just plain common sense.

We have taught our youth to hitch their wagons to the glitzy horizons of those who seek only material success in life.  No longer is satisfaction sought in one's chosen field of work;  rather the goal is invariably money and “perks.”  Material has become our yardstick — too often our god.  The inner depths of man's being — once so idealized by the masses — now lies hidden in what the poet T.S. Eliot would call “Hollow Men.”  Who cares?  Ideals, dreams, virtue, magnanimity, commitment — all have lost their way among us.

One need not even cite the decadence prevalent in too many institutions:  radically reduced church attendance;  indifference to the political affairs of our governments; widespread ignorance of the wholesale slaughter of the innocence and beauty of our youth, not only in the public schools and universities, which have been bashing everything decent in our culture for at least two generations now;  but we find the same anti-culture even in too many religious educational institutions, which are supposed to foster and nourish genuine Christian virtues and values, not help to destroy them.  How many of the latter even refer to vocations, let alone religious vocations?

You may be tempted to say, “You are becoming very cynical, father.”  And I will have to say, “You are right.”  But I am tired of whitened sepulchers and wolves in shepherd's clothing who appear more concerned about ecology than saving the very souls who are able to appreciate the real beauty and care God urges us to seek in nature — those who in fact never even mention God's name;  and those clergy belong to every single denomination on this earth.  I am tired of the politicians of every political persuasion who have about as much statesmanship as Hugo Chavez!  I am tired of the flagrant abuse of too many medical practitioners who are unable even to spell “Hippocratic,” much less live by the oath inspired by the man who gave it its name.  I am tired of the clerks in so many businesses who will not take the time to say “thank you” — those who scrupulously avoid it by substituting that inane, “have a nice day,” who no more intend that for us than they intend to wish us a “Merry Christmas” in the weeks ahead!

Things must change — for the sake of the human race, God's children here on earth.  The late Father Patrick Peyton, whose motto was “You can change the world,” always stressed the word “you.”  It begins with YOU, each of us, who is able to change the world simply by showing intolerance for the evil in it, whether that evil exists in attitudes and fundamental principles;  in businesses, nations and religious institutions;  in people or in things;  in children, men and women; in black, brown, red, white or yellow.  Virtue, ideals, and dreams must be reborn, I think, first in those of us who at least pretend to some spiritual dimension, because it is SOUL that is lacking in all too many human beings on this rapidly decaying planet!  For all the talk about meltdown and global warming, there is barely a whisper about the lack of warming so desperately needed within the human souls that are attempting to find a purpose for their existence on this planet!   Let the change begin with you  —  and me;  and then, perhaps we will have our vocations, not only in religion, but in all our other earthly pursuits!

With every good wish and prayerful blessing to you and yours, I am faithfully yours in Christ,
+ John J. Humphreys
The Most Reverend John J. Humphreys, Titular Archbishop of Cær-Glow.


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