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Seminary Studies Resource Suggestions
By Father Brusca--his opinions only

General Resources:

        The Catholic Encyclopedia  (On-line)  A good way to begin any kind of study with an overview.

        Rev. Donald Attwater, A Catholic Dictionary (TAN) (Amazon)  (more like a small encyclopedia)

        Catechism of the Council of Trent for Parish Priests (On-line)

        Saint Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica (On-line)

        Saint Thomas Aquinas, Summa Contra Gentiles (On-line)

        Monsignor Paul Joseph Glenn, Tour of the Summa. (TAN) (Amazon)
            (A "Reader's Digest" of the Summa.  Works well as an index to the Summa.)

        The Fathers of the Church (New Advent On-line)

        Papal Documents (All on-line) (  (Vatican-alphabetical)  (Vatican-by Pope

        Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils (On-line)  Ecumenical and Local Councils (On-line)

        Codes of Canon Law (On-line)

        Denzinger, Sources of Catholic Dogma (On-line)

        The Bible in English, Latin Greek and many other languages and many editions, Catholic and Protestant (On-line)

        This web site -  (Main page)  (Q&A)  (Latin Mass)  (English Mass)  (Bible)  (Roman Ritual)
            (Roman Breviary)  (Morality & Economics)  (Cultural Marxism)  (Church History)

        Catholic Books Online

Note on Obtaining Books:  

    Always try the local library first.  They can get almost anything for you for a brief period of time if you ask them to request an "Inter-Library Loan" (use those words, and if they ask you what you are willing to pay, say "nothing" and see if it doesn't arrive anyway).  Even if you can't keep the book very long, it will help you to decide whether or not to look for it in the used book market.

    If your parish is registered as a TAN book seller, they may be able to get you a discount on TAN publications. is a good source for mail orders.  As is  Compare prices.  Don't assume that the links below will take you to the cheapest price--these things vary over time.  Preserving Christian Publications (PCP). (BKF) If you have a book title or author, a search may help.


Survey of Philosophy

        Monsignor Paul Joseph Glenn, Introduction to Philosophy, Herder 1943


        Daniel Sullivan, An Introduction To Philosophy: The Perennial Principles of the Classical Realist Tradition (TAN)

        Rev. Frederick Copleston, SJ,  "A History of Philosophy" Series (Amazon)
            Be careful in mail ordering.  This has been published in nine small volumes, and in three large volumes

Selected World Literature I

        Consult Junior College or University


        Monsignor Paul Joseph Glenn, Criteriology, a Class Manual in Major Logic  (Amazon)

Basic English Composition

        Consult High School, Junior College or University

Introduction to Psychology

        Consult Junior College or University

Church History I (and II)  The books marked "*" represent an adequate knowledge of the subject.
            The others are for additional reading.

        * Philip Hughes, SJ, A Popular History of the Catholic Church  (Amazon)

        Philip Hughes, SJ, A History of the Church (3 volumes)  (Amazon)
            (This might be overkill unless one has a specific interest in history)

        * Philip Hughes, SJ,  A Popular History of the Reformation  (Amazon)

        * Maurice Keen, The Pelican History of Medieval Europe  (Amazon)
            (Good as a responsible secular balance to Hughes and other ecclesiastics)

        * Hilaire Belloc, The Great Heresies  (TAN)

        Hilaire Belloc, The Crusades  (TAN)

        Hilaire Belloc, How the Reformation Happened  (TAN)

        Henri Daniel-Rops,  The Church in the Dark Ages  (Alibris)

        Henri Daniel-Rops, Cathedral and Crusade; Studies of the Medieval Church, 1050-1350  (Alibris)

        Henri Daniel-Rops, The Catholic reformation  (Alibris)

        Henri Daniel-Rops,  The Church in the Seventeenth Century  (Alibris)

        Henri Daniel-Rops, The Church in the Eighteenth Century  (Alibris)

        * Brian Tierney, The Crisis of Church and State 1050-1300  (On-Line)  (Amazon)

        Colman J. Barry, OSB,  Readings in Church History  (Amazon)
            (A source-book, 3 volumes in one; may be available in separate volumes)

    Music History

        James McKinnon, The Advent Project: The Later-Seventh-Century Creation of the Roman Mass Proper
(Alibris) (Amazon)       

        Fr. Brusca, A brief history of Old Roman and Gregorian Chant (On-line)

Order of Porter

Logic: Formal & Informal

       Consult Junior College or University

        Monsignor Paul Joseph Glenn, Dialectics: A Class Manual in Formal Logic  (Amazon)

        Fr. Brusca, "On Evaluating Evidence" (On-line)

        Fr. Brusca, "Logical Fallacies" (On-line

Latin Grammar I (and II and III)

        Scanlon & Scanlon. Latin Grammar: Preparation for the Reading of the Missal and Breviary  (TAN)

        Scanlon & Scanlon, Second Latin: Preparation for the Reading of Philosophy, Theology and Canon Law  (TAN)

        Scanlon & Scanlon, Set of two books above (TAN)

    You can add to your Latin vocabulary by reading the Mass or the Office in Latin in a bilingual prayer-book

        Lasance, Fr. F.X. The New Roman Missal. 1945. (Mother of our Savior.)

        Lefebvre, Dom Gaspar, OSB. Saint Andrew Daily Missal. 1950 (Mother of our Savior.)

        Confraternity of Ss. Peter and Paul, The Roman Breviary - English and Latin  (On-line)

     Read Latin on-line  (Be careful with Latin audio sites as the pronunciation is likely to be classical, not ecclesiastical)

        Ephemeris-Latin Newspaper (On-line)

        Latin Comic books (On-line)

        Vicipædia Latina (On-lineWikipedia encyclopedia in Latin

        Wapedia in Latin (On-lineWikipedia for mobile devices.

        Ecclesiastical Latin MP3s (On-line) requires sound card

Church Ceremonies

        J.B. O'Connell, The Celebration of Mass (PCP)

        J.B. O'Connell & Walter J. Schmitz, The Book of Ceremonies (Alibris)

        Aurelius Stehle, OSB & Emmeran Rettger, OSB, Manual of Episcopal Ceremonies (PCP

Church History II (See Church History I)

Advanced English Composition

         Consult Junior College or University

Order of Lector


        Monsignor Paul Joseph Glenn, Ontology: a class manual in fundamental metaphysics

Latin Grammar & Composition I

        See Latin Grammar I above

Natural Theology 

        Monsignor Paul Joseph Glenn, Theodicy: A Class Manual in the Philosophy of Deity  (Amazon)

Selected World Literature II

         Consult Junior College or University

Rational Psychology

        Monsignor Paul Joseph Glenn, Psychology: A Class Manual in the Philosophy of Organic and Rational Life  (Amazon)

Natural Apologetics

        Monsignor Paul Joseph Glenn, Theodicy: A Class Manual in the Philosophy of Deity  (Amazon)

Order of Exorcist

General Ethics

        Monsignor Paul Joseph Glenn, Ethics: A Class Manual In Moral Philosophy (Amazon)

 Latin Grammar & Composition II

        For Latin grammar and vocabulary see above 

Applied Ethics

        Rev. Thomas J. Higgins, Man As Man: The Science and Art of Ethics (TAN)  (Amazon)

        Rev. Austin Fagothey, Right And Reason: Ethics Based on the Teachings of Aristotle & St. Thomas Aquinas (TAN)


       Consult Junior College or University - but beware of atheists and other crackpots

        Monsignor Paul Joseph Glenn, Sociology: A Class Manual in the Philosophy of Human Society  (Amazon)

Old Testament Scripture  -- See also General Biblical Works below

        John E. Steinmuller & Kathryn Sullivan, A Companion to the Old Testament  (NYC: Wagner, 1946) Biblical Studies (Online)

Gregorian Chant

        Liber Usualis (Bonaventure)
            (Discussion of Chant, Gregorian notation for all Masses and Offices)

        Richard L. Crocker, An Introduction to Gregorian Chant (On-line)  (Amazon)
            (Print edition contains a CD demonstrating chant techniques with just a voice or two)

        Fr. Brusca, "Music for tone-deaf engineers"  (On-line)

        Dominic J. Keller, Fundamentals of Gregorian Chant  (Amazon) (Loome)
            (80 page pamphlet)

        Select Resources on Plainchant (notation) (On-line)

        Antiphonale 1912 .pdf

        Graduale 1908 .pdf

        Cantus Gregorianus (On-line) requires sound card

        Chant recordings are available.  (Amazon)
            (I like the Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos for their clarity of pronunciation,
                but musicians tend to favor Monk of the Abbey of St. Peter, and Saint Pierre de Solesmes)

Order of Acolyte

Catholic Apologetics

        Msgr. Paul L Glen, Apologetics: A Philosophic Defense and Explanation of the Catholic Religion
         (TAN) (Amazon)

        Fr. John Laux, Catholic Apologetics: God, Christianity and the Church  (TAN) (Amazon)  
            High school level, back when Catholic high schools were Catholic and rigorous.


        The Fathers of the Church (New Advent On-line)


Canon Law I

Church Music - Polyphony


Latin Composition III


Selected World Literature III

         Consult Junior College or University

Sub Deacon

Canon Law II


Dogmatic Theology

        Ronald A Knox, The Belief of Catholics (Online) (Amazon)

        Matthias Premm, Dogmatic Theology for the Laity

        Ludwig Ott, Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma (TAN)

        Jesuit Fathers, The Church Teaches (TAN)

        The Popes Against Modern Errors: 16 Papal Documents (TAN)

New Testament Scripture

        General Biblical Works:

        God, The Holy Bible  (always go to the source if possible!)

        Henry G. Grahm, Where We Got the Bible: Our Debt to the Catholic Church (1911; TAN reprint)

        Cornelius Hagerty, The Authenticity of the Sacred Scriptures (Huston: Lumen Christi, 1969)

        Dom Bernard Orchard et al, A Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture  (Thos. Nelson, 1953) Biblical Studies (Online)

        J. Holland Smith, Understand the Bible: A guide for Catholics (Image, 1968)

        New Testament Specific

        Henri Daniel-Rops, Daily Life in the Time of Jesus (Amazon)

        John E. Steinmuller & Kathryn Sullivan, A Companion to the New Testament  (NYC: Wagner, 1944)


        Consult Junior College or University, or Toastmasters for public speaking

        M.F. Toal, Sunday Sermons of the Great Fathers (Amazon)

        Ronald Knox, Pastoral Sermons  (Amazon)


Moral Theology

        H. Davies, Moral and Pastoral Theology (London: Sheed & Ward, 1935 - four volumes)

        Nicholas Halligan, The Administration of the Sacraments (NYC: Alba House, 1962)

        Rev. Heribert Jone, Moral Theology (TAN)

        Koch-Preuss, Handbook of Moral Theology (St. Louis: B. Herder, 1928 - five volumes)


Church Administration


Pastoral Theology  (Also see books for Moral Theology, above.)

        Frederick Schultze, Manual of Pastoral Theology (St. Louis: B. Herder, 1923)


        The Roman Missal, Breviary, Ritual, Pontifical  -- these, at least the first three, are the working tools of the deacon and parish priest, with which they should be completely familiar.

        Fr. Adrian Fortescue, The Mass: A Study of the Roman Liturgy  (PCP)

        Dom Guéranger, The Liturgical Year in 15 volumes (Bonaventure)

                1.  Advent (Online)
                2.  Christmas Volume I  (Online)
                3.  Christmas Volume II (Online)
                4.  Septuagesima  If anyone has a link, please let me know
                5.  Lent (Online)
                6.  Passiontide and Holy Week (Online)
                7.  Paschal time Volume I  (Online)
                8.  Paschal time Volume II  If anyone has a link, please let me know
                9.  Paschal time Volume III (Online)
               10.  Time after Pentecost Volume I (Online)
               11.  Time after Pentecost Volume II (Online)
               12.  Time after Pentecost Volume III (Online)
               13.  Time after Pentecost Volume IV (Online)
               14.  Time after Pentecost Volume V (Online)
               15.  Time after Pentecost Volume VI (Online)

Ascetical Theology (also see Mystical Theology)

        Rule of Saint Benedict  -- various editions  (online)



Liturgy, Mass Preparation


Mystical Theology  (also see Ascetical Theology)

        St. Teresa of Ávila, Interior Castle

        St. Teresa of Ávila, The Way of Perfection

        R. Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P., Three Ways f the Spiritual Life  (TAN)

        Thomas Verner Moore, The Life of Man With God (Garden City: Image Books, 1956)  (online)

        Adolphe Tanquerey, The Spiritual Life: A Treatise on Ascetical and Mystical Theology (Tournai: Desclee)  TAN reprint




    Elective Mariology


    Elective False Philosophies


    Elective Saint Augustine


    Elective Venerable Bede






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