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What Will I Have to Study?


Saint Thomas Aquinas Seminary
Diocese of Florida - Old Roman Catholic
1051 72nd Street North,
St. Petersburg, Florida 33710 
Telephone 727-341-9111

    Seminarians are expected to complete undergraduate studies in philosophy, followed by a course in theology and church administration. Candidates are not admitted without two years of college or its equivalent. At the discretion of the rector, credit may be given for courses successfully completed elsewhere, unless such courses were studied in an environment incompatible with the Catholic Faith.

    The Seminary will attempt to accommodate the personal needs of the seminarian in arranging his course of study. A plan of study and residence must be agreed upon between the seminarian and the rector prior to admission to candidacy. In order to become immersed in the spiritual and liturgical life of the Church each seminarian must undertake studies during a cumulative total of not less than twelve months in residence at the Seminary -- longer residency may be necessary. Nonresident course work may be arranged at other appropriate institutions or as independent studies under the direction of the rector or his delegate.

    Shortly after admission the seminarian will receive the cassock and first clerical Tonsure. With the consent of the bishop, advancement through Holy Orders will take place as the seminarian in good standing fulfills the following academic requirements: 

Survey of Philosophy

Selected World Literature I


Basic English Composition

Introduction to Psychology

Church History I

Order of Porter

Logic: Formal & Informal

Latin Grammar

Church Ceremonies

Church History II

Advanced English Composition


Order of Lector


Latin Grammar & Composition I

Natural Theology 

Selected World Literature II

Rational Psychology

Natural Apologetics

Order of Exorcist

General Ethics

 Latin Grammar & Composition II

Applied Ethics Sociology
Old Testament Scripture Gregorian Chant

Order of Acolyte

Catholic Apologetics Patristics
Canon Law I Church Music - Polyphony
Latin Composition III Selected World Literature III

Sub Deacon

Canon Law II Dogmatic Theology
New Testament Scripture Homiletics
Moral Theology Church Administration


Pastoral Theology Liturgics
Ascetical Theology Liturgy, Mass Preparation
Mystical Theology Sermonology


If you feel that you might have a vocation to the priesthood, please feel free to contact the Vocation   Director at the Seminary:
            Saint Thomas Aquinas Seminary
            1051 72nd Street North,
            St. Petersburg, Florida 33710
            Telephone 727-341-9111



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