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Reverse Engineering the Gospels
Pope John Paul II: Eccledia de Eucharistia

    When Pope John Paul II issued his encyclical Ecclesia de Eucharistia on Holy Thursday AD 2003, it got strong reviews for the traditional things the Holy Father had to say about the Mass and the Holy Eucharist.  [Read our review]  There was little of the Pope's customary existentialist jargon -- instead he quoted Saint Thomas.  There was a little bit of the modernist "Paschal Mystery" theory -- but perhaps the most damaging thing came in only the second paragraph, as the Pope presented the Modernist mistranslation of the words of consecration as though they were actually the words of our Lord, taken from holy Scripture.  The abbreviation "cf" or "cfr" suggests that while the quote is not literal, its substance will be found in the cited material.  In the English version of the encyclical (as well as the Spanish and the Italian -- the Latin had not yet been released to the Internet) it appeared -- or one could hope -- that a lazy translator had just inserted the mis-translation with which he was familiar:

    Then he took the cup of wine and said to them: "Take this, all of you and drink from it: this is the cup of my blood, the blood of the new and everlasting covenant. It will be shed for you and for all, so that sins may be forgiven" (cf. Mt 14:24; Lk 22:20; 1 Cor 11:25). [Emphasis mine; apparently erroneous reference to "Mt 14:24" in the original.]

    The Latin version of the encyclical lagged the modern European versions by a week or more, and unlike the words of consecration in Pope Paul VI's Novus Ordo Missæ, the Latin text of the encyclical contains the same error as all of the modern European language versions:

    Deinde calicem in manus vini sustulit eisque dixit: "Accipite et bibite omnes: hic calix novum aeternumque testamentum est in sanguine meo, qui pro vobis funditur et pro omnibus in remissionem peccatorum" (cfr Mc 14, 24; Lc 22, 20; 1 Cor 11, 25)  [Emphasis mine.]

    The two Gospel accounts (Matthew 26:28; and Mark 14:24) which indicate for whom the Blood of Christ will be shed (beyond the "for you" -- the apostles at the Last Supper -- of Luke and First Corinthians) say it will be shed "for many." No account says "for all," at least not in any Bible this writer has found. Maybe the Bible is next to be reformed in the notorious "Spirit of Vatican II."




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