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Quinquagesima Sunday—14 February A.D. 2010

On Miracles

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“Receive thy sight; thy faith hast saved thee.”[1]

Imagine being in the crowd, and hearing those words: “Receive thy sight,”  and then seeing someone who has been blind for as long as you have known him, suddenly able to see, and suddenly able to get around unassisted.  Or, even more dramatic, imagine being the blind man yourself.  This is but one of the miracles we hear about in the yearly round of the Gospels—but all of them must have had a similarly spectacular effect on the people who witnessed them.

For the most part our Lord's miracles were not cures of psychological, or even spiritual illnesses.  They were very often external, physical things, about which there could be no doubt.  People blind, and deaf, and dumb, and lame for years—or even for a lifetime—even a few, literally resurrected from the tomb!  These were true miracles, well attested to by countless witnesses—not parlor tricks, designed to confuse the gullible.  These were miracles which so convinced men and women, that in many cases they became ready to lay down—and, did lay down—their lives for the love of Jesus Christ.

And these men and women included not just the simple people, but the sophisticated as well.  Scribes and Pharisees came to see Him, and to seek His advice.  Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimethea, members of the Sanhedrin, became His disciples—as did a Roman Centurion.  Even King Herod wanted to see what He was all about.

Yet, several of our people called to my attention an article in the newspaper a few weeks ago, claiming to be written by biblical “scholars” and “scientists,” and maintaining that all of these witnesses had been deluded or defrauded.  If memory serves, the article is one that gets “recycled” every five or ten years—perhaps when the religion editors run out of scandalous things to print about the Church.  The article tried to contend that there was no real Christ; at least not one who was divine, and worked miracles.  What they referred to as the “Christ of Faith,” they said was a fable, invented by the writers of the first or second centuries—someone quite distinct from what they called the “Christ of History.”

Perhaps the most galling thing about these people was that they still considered themselves Christians, rather than admitting their Atheism.  They rejoiced in having separated all of these fables from the “Christ of History,” to produce a wonderful “Christ of Faith.”

Of course, this “Christ of Faith” asked no moral behavior of them, beyond a vague sort of “brotherhood of all men.”  And since he wasn't divine, he had nothing to say about man's relationship to God—or if, indeed, there even was a God.  He held out no special help to these men who had created him—no prayer, no Sacraments, certainly no Mass or Real Presence!  This dubious do-gooder “Christ of Faith,” is nothing much more to believe in than Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny.

Unfortunately, there are many such people out there.  They speak with great authority, invoking “science” and “scholarship”—and looking down their noses at pious believers with utter disdain.  But in spite of their haughty attitude, these people are conducting themselves neither as scientists, nor as scholars.

    A true scholar always attempts to begin his research with as little bias as possible; leaving an open mind to enable him to consider the information he finds along the way.  Our new “biblical scholars” don't do this.  They start out with a philosophical position—not a scientific, but a philosophical position—which taints their reasoning immediately:

“Miracles cannot happen; therefore miracles do not happen; which proves that they cannot happen.”(!)

    Given such a starting point, it is kind of difficult to read the New Testament without bias.

    A true scientist is always careful to insure that his apparatus is capable of measuring the effect he wants to study.  (For example, he won't go looking for bacteria with a telescope.)  A true scientist will admit to himself that there are things which are simply not the proper subject of his research.  He may, for example, be able to tell us something about how or when Creation took place, but must admit that as a scientist, he is not in a position to say why Creation took place, or what might be its moral implications.  The honest scientist will leave these questions, quite properly, to theologians and philosophers.

    A true scientist carefully records his observations and formulates his experiments in such a way that they can be duplicated by independent researchers, who have nothing to gain from their success or failure.  Our alleged “biblical scientists” have nothing like this to show.  They have nothing more to show than conjectures based on false premises.  They read each others' works and comment favorably on them, so that each can point to approval by “authorities” and “experts” in the field.

    Our so-called “biblical scholars” and “scientists” are no more scientific than the Marxists, who claimed to be doing “scientific analysis” of science, economics and history.  Remember the fruit of their labors—70 odd years of famine, misery, and oppression in Russia, China, and the Slavic countries.[2]

    Our Blessed Lady told us that “Russia will spread her errors.”  In a very real sense, that is what we are seeing in this distortion of the “Christ of Faith.”  It is the same atheistic materialism and disregard for true science, which brought about Marxist Communism.  It is equally doomed to failure in the long run, precisely because of its disregard for truth.

    The Christ of Faith and the Christ of History are one and the same.  As Catholics, we should never be ashamed to stand up for our beliefs.  The miracles of Jesus Christ are real—and even in this scientific age, are occasionally worked for those who believe in Him.  We, like the blind man, have only one thing that will make us whole—our faith in the divinity of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.


[1]   Gospel:  Luke xviii: 31-43.





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